5 Signs showing that your B2B Marketing Strategy is outdated

As you already know, the B2B marketing strategy is a strategy developed by one company to another client company according to its goals and expectations, yes, it’s a fairly complex strategy… But today Eminence will guide you through out this ranking to help you know if your b2b strategy passed away.

  • Please, we are in the 21 century… Stop waiting for real meetings to find prospects. It’s high time to convert into digital tools, you will gain a lot of time; and in the business world, time is money. You are losing time going to events such as business exhibitions and trade fairs of course it is an opportunity to establish contact with your prospects but the internet is a much more effective tool. Invest on digital, be present on social networks, set up a blog and you will generate leads at a lower cost.
  • You have a big problem with money: wither if you spend it on the wrong investment or you are waiting to bring it back immediately. Let’s be clear, if you spend money on traditional media such as radios and magazines you will have a little impact, today, clients are well informed thanks to internet. You should really reconsider your budget and try to invest more on marketing automation tools and implement a real inbound marketing strategy. But don’t believe that your investment on social networks will be immediately profitable. It is important to understand that a social media strategy allows you to establish a closer relationship with your partners and attracts qualified leads; this will take time before you will make a return into investment. Even time takes time but at the end you will be well rewarded.
  • You are in contact with prospects that have never shown any interest in your business. WHYYYYY????? This is useless .you are wasting a huge amount of time and productivity. Now, It is possible due to digital, to track your target wherever they go thanks to tracking tools and to identify the time that they spend online and which pages to offer them what interests them in terms of content .with a good and well prepared strategy you will only call prospects that really need your services .Your sales will increase their performance, which will be felt positively in your revenue.
  • Your B2B marketing is targeted to your performance, rather than your customers. Highlighting your performances to attract customers is not as efficient as before. Now customers are demanding, they also want you to help them in their decision making, purchasing decisions and in the use your services. Your content should primarily be focused on advice and on answering their questions focusing on their needs and demands. Yes “the customer is always right “.
  • It is normal for you that the marketing and sales departments are separated. Well this is obviously so old school. Come on wake up and open your mind. It’s time to cut the ties that attached you to the old scheme that separates the sales and marketing departments. You absolutely must consolidate commercials and marketers. This will enable a perfect relay to convert leads into customers.

If these tips were not that efficient, and did not help you to reach your goals and if you require expert advice from one of our community managers, contact us, we will be happy to help you. In the meantime feel free to program the sharing of our article 😉 !