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Eminence, your affiliate marketing partner in Geneva

Affiliate marketing is a digital solution that unites business partners and helps to boost sales exponentially. Any business on the Internet, regardless of its size, can use affiliate marketing to find new customers and increase sales.

The principle of affiliation is to set up an exchange system between advertisers who wish to promote their offers and affiliates with an audience, offering remuneration when they bring in a customer, a sale, or a lead. It is a system that is based on performance. So this means that if you don’t close a sale or a definite earning action, you don’t owe your partner anything.

To fully understand the concept of affiliate marketing, the 3 different key players are listed below:

  1. Affiliates: promoters of the product, those who receive the commission
  2. Advertisers: creators of the product, their goal is to sell
  3. Consumers: end-users of the product

Thanks to a 100% controlled ROI, affiliate marketing is particularly appreciated by advertisers and is an excellent solution to help boost your business.

There are different types of affiliate programs, including:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC): the affiliate is paid for all clicks generated, whether or not the click results in the creation of a lead or a sale. This model is rarely used, as only the advertiser takes a risk.
  • Pay Per Lead (PPL): the affiliate is paid for each lead generated, whether it is an online form submission, free trial registration, or pre-sale. The risk-taking is equitably distributed between the advertiser and the affiliate.
  • Pay Per Sale (PPS): the affiliate is paid for each sale generated. This is the most common model, as only the affiliate takes a risk.

Do you want to implement a successful affiliate strategy and achieve your business goals?

How does Eminence help you develop your affiliate programme?

We offer affiliate programs that match your business size, your products, and your brand image. We carefully select your partners, to help you to increase your online visibility and boost sales. Undeniably, the conversion rate is higher when you target a blog or a “niche” site that corresponds to your theme.

We look for partners who produce quality content, bring real value to consumers, and have an audience that corresponds to your target audience.

We will help you to choose the affiliate platform that best suits your project. Affiliation platforms are very powerful digital tools. From the chosen platform we will create your campaigns, manage affiliates (selection process, remuneration, etc.), provide affiliates with promotional elements (banners, emailing kit, etc.), and of course, track all transformations to remunerate affiliates accordingly.

We will select the type of compensation that works best for both parties, depending on your business objectives. One of the key elements for a successful campaign is the affiliate compensation strategy. At the same time, we will benchmark the affiliate programs in your area to see what the competition is offering. The objective, for a new entrant, is to make a better offer to attract affiliates.

We will also check the quality of the leads that your affiliates can bring you. This will help us to identify and subsequently remunerate the affiliates who will bring in the most qualitative leads and the most satisfactory results.

We will closely monitor campaign performance, your budget, and selected partners to help ensure that our pre-determined objectives are met.

Finally, we will assist you, with our design team, to provide your partners with an advertising kit so that they can promote your products: banners, text links, etc.

Are you interested in an affiliate marketing approach?

Why choose Eminence as an affiliate agency?

A successful affiliate marketing strategy relies on the right choice of affiliates, which is why we find partners for you who have an audience and credibility compatible with your target customers and your brand image. We also make sure that as long as the affiliate does not generate sales for you, the campaign does not cost you anything. Thanks to affiliation, you will gain free brand exposure and awareness.

We also calculate the ROI of the campaigns we launch and control the margin directly per affiliate and per marketing actions. In other words, you will be able to do run digital advertising while controlling your costs at all times.

In conclusion, affiliation is an excellent way to generate additional income, and we are here to guide you in the implementation of this very effective and as yet, little-known marketing technique.

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