How to Generate Qualified Leads

How to generate and convert qualified leads for your business?

  •   27 January 2022

Lead generation is one of the most important tasks for any company that wants to increase its sales. To convert a sales contact into a lead, you must put in place appropriate initiatives that will lead them to act. In this article, our experts at Eminence explain to you what you should do to generate […]

CRM strategy

CRM Strategy: Why you need it and how to develop it

  •   23 December 2021

Today’s consumers are volatile and less loyal to brands due to their high level of expectations and the increased competition in the market. To capture and retain them, it is essential to improve the quality of your customer relationship. In this article, you will discover some advice to define your CRM strategy, an essential solution […]

How do you develop customer acquisition strategy?

How to create an effective customer acquisition strategy?

  •   16 December 2021

Did you know? Over the past six years, the cost of acquiring new customers continues to rise. Yet, even if the marketing budget has increased, customers tend to trust brands less. You can overcome this with the right strategy to capture customers’ attention, create greater engagement and improve sales conversion. In this new article, you […]

How to outshine the competition during the holidays

How to promote your brand and outshine the competition during the holidays?

  •   2 December 2021

Every time the end of the year approaches, advertisers are faced with the same challenge: What can they do to promote their products and improve their sales? This article outlines the key tactics you need to be aware of to create your special holiday marketing campaign and ensure its success.

How to boost the Click-Through Rate of your email campaigns?

How to boost the Click-Through Rate of your email campaigns?

  •   18 November 2021

It is almost impossible today to have an online business without sending emails. The biggest challenge in this process is not only to get a good opening rate but also to get people to take action by clicking on your email campaigns (CTR). If you want to increase your chances of improving the click-through rate […]