#Listen #Communicate #Engage: here are three essential words to keep in mind when managing social networks. Indeed, it is important to understand what your Internet users are interested in to be able to communicate them the appropriate content and establish a relationship with them afterwards.

Eminence, your community manager agency in Geneva, helps you to animate your social platforms in order to increase your community's engagement, leading to higher and broader brand awareness.


Let's start by establishing the difference between network and community. A network is composed of a group of individuals who have relatively weak ties to each other. On the contrary, a community consists of individuals who maintain strong ties with each other; therefore everyone knows the participants and each of them has a role and a place to maintain.

Nowadays, there is an increasing need for everyone to belong to a community. This is why the majority of individuals are linked to virtual communities.

A community on a social network is therefore a group of individuals who come together around a common interest. Brands have understood that they can take advantage of this situation to generate a profit. Indeed, by listening to their audience, brands can engage their customers through their community and encourage them to take an active part in developing a sense of belonging.

Being successful in managing an effective community management strategy is not an easy task, which is why the experts of the social pole of our agency take care of your communities in order to reach your desired marketing objectives. With our specific technological tools, we manage your platforms and communities strategically and qualitatively.

Our community management agency in Geneva is in charge of interacting with your communities, broadening them by converting influential Internet users and creating the necessary content to animate them. It is these influencers that will allow your brand to have a more powerful impact on social networks.

Moreover, our experts in social networks work on your community management strategy with the main objective of generating qualified traffic to your site to boost your contacts and conversions.


Today, any brand must be present and active on social networks. Indeed, one of the first reflexes of a potential customer is to learn about the brand, this includes its website, as well as its pages on social networks.

A brand present on social platforms must animate its communities, engage its fans and followers and interact with them. Such actions will allow a better referencing and will boost your conversions.

In addition, our company specialized in community management strategy has created different service packages related to community management, which can also be customized on a case-by-case basis to meet everyone's needs.

Eminence, your community management agency helps you to deploy a global digital strategy that will be immediately efficient and sustainable over the long term, helping you to increase your turnover.


  1. Strategy: it is absolutely essential that we start by defining together what type of strategy you want to apply on social networks. This also includes defining the objectives you wish to achieve so that you can then evaluate the performance of this strategy.
  2. Recruitment: this step consists in attracting more Internet users to your diverse social networks in order to expand your communities and thus increase the scope of your brand awareness.
  3. Engagement: this is about successfully animating your social networks in an appropriate way so that it generates reactions in your community. Creating interaction between your brand and your visitors will allow you to create a close relationship with your target audience, making the next step easier.
  4. Loyalty: once you have succeeded in getting your community to engage on your social networks, the process of building your community's loyalty begins. This means that your visitors will easily keep your brand in mind.

Community management: the pillar of your digital strategy

For the power of social networks to be a real marketing force for your brand, you must rely on excellent community management; otherwise you risk missing the opportunity. We therefore recommend that you collaborate with experts such as those of our community management agency in Geneva.

With an undeniable strategic dimension, community management aims above all to expand your brand's visibility on social networks, increase your community's commitment and gain exposure.

It is therefore essential for your brand to integrate into its digital communication strategy the consideration of its prospects, customers and consumers.

To do so, defining your communication objectives on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) becomes a necessity in order to effectively reach your audience and positively impact your business.

For an effective community management, you need to define an editorial strategy that can help you capture the attention of your audience, while developing your communication messages with relevance.

Eminence, your community management agency in Geneva, supports you in the development of your digital strategy that will enable you to deploy effectively on the social web.

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