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A community on a social network is a group of individuals who share a common interest. Brands have realized that they can benefit enormously from this. Indeed, by listening to their audience and interacting with them, brands can ensure that their customers take an active part in exchanges on their digital platforms, thus creating a feeling of belonging.

This is why to distinguish yourself on social networks, you need to regularly animate your social pages, create relevant content adapted to the tone of each network and build your community of Internet users.

At Eminence, our Community Manager is responsible for creating one or more communities on your social networks. To do this, he must recruit Internet users to constitute this community, then organize and animate exchanges within it. He acts as a moderator and a guarantor who ensures good communication is respected between members. The goal is to retain your Internet users, develop your image and your reputation as well as your visibility and brand awareness on the web. Thanks to specific technological tools, we manage your platforms and your community in a strategic and qualitative manner.

Our Community Management experts work on your community management strategy keeping in mind the main objective which is to generate qualified traffic to your site, in order to boost your contacts and conversions. We take care of interacting with your community and making it grow by converting influential Internet users.

Do you want to implement an effective community management strategy and achieve your business objectives?

How does Eminence animate your community?

Important implementation steps:

  1. Strategy: it is absolutely essential that we start by defining together what type of strategy you want to put in place on social networks. This also includes defining the goals you want to reach so that you can subsequently assess the strategy’s performance.
  2. Recruitment: this step involves attracting more Internet users to your various social networks in order to expand your community and thus increase the scope of your brand awareness.
  3. Engagement: this is about successfully animating your social networks in order to generate reactions in your community. The interactions between your brand and your Internet users will allow you to create a close bond, making the next step easier for you.
  4. Loyalty: Once you have successfully engaged your community on your social networks, the process of loyalty begins. This means that your internet users will more easily keep your brand in mind.

Our methodology for developing a community management strategy:

  1. Choose one or more social media channels We will first define which channel will allow us to manage your community. Next, we will define the characteristics of your target audience to determine the best option.
  2. Identify your target Once we have chosen a channel, we will analyze its audience. We will then get to know your target audience’s expectations, identify the type of content to produce, and understand how to succeed in creating engagement.
  3. Identify your success Together we will determine which success criteria are the most important for your company, such as: enhancing the creative content you post, building your engagement, increasing your brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, etc.
  4. Set goals Based on your criteria for success, we will set achievable goals as well as KPIs, so that we can measure your success on social media and adjust the overall strategy if necessary.
  5. Post regularly and communicate with your audience Together we will determine how often you should post and how we will develop engagement thanks to the content. We will respond to comments and questions to create a special relationship with your audiences. By establishing an authentic tone and presence on social media, your customers will feel reassured.
  6. Measure the results To measure your results, we will decide which method is best for you based on your goals and needs. In a spirit of transparency, we will share a dashboard that shows you in real-time the performance of our actions and the status of KPIs.

Are you interested in a community management approach?

Why choose Eminence as your Community Manager?

Our goal is to give your brand a positive image to your audience.

For your Community Management to be effective, together we will define an editorial strategy that can capture the attention of your audience. Above all, it will aim at increasing your brand awareness on social networks and the engagement of your community.

Together, we will create a list of frequently asked questions and answers so that the Eminence Community Manager can respond to questions and comments quickly, taking into account your brand guidelines. This list will be updated regularly to adapt responses to new requests. This is the most important thing to put in place and validate with you before launching the strategy.

By adopting this strategy, we will help you:

  • Increase brand and product awareness among your target audience
  • Know your customers: identify their expectations and needs in terms of content, products, and services
  • Establish a relationship with members of your community and your brand
  • Boost customer interactions, conversions, and sales
  • Respect your brand’s DNA in all posts and interactions
  • Create a safe space where followers and members can ask questions, get help, feel supported, share ideas and comments
  • Measure the results of all the content and all the actions put in place on social media

In order for this Community Management strategy to be effective, we will monitor your accounts to identify all mentions, comments, keywords, and discussions relating to your brand, products, and customers. We examine all of these to analyze what works for your customers and what should be changed.

This strategy will have to be adapted to the expectations of your target audience and new market trends. We will regularly review the strategy put in place and analyze it to measure its success. Analytics tools like Data Studio, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Hubspot, and many more will help us collect the relevant data.

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