News of the digital world

Another week gone means our news of the week. This week the usual suspect as Facebook got another algorithm “update” that as the others is supposed to put the most relevant post on top of your feed. You couldn’t miss the new testing Instagram black and white look but you might have missed the 7 hidden treasures in the latest Snapchat update.

7 hidden features in the latest Snapchat update

Last month Snapchat had a big chat update but among everything there are 7 hidden treasures you might have missed.

  • Add a location in chat. You can write down an address which you can open with Google/Apple map.
  • Search for stickers by typing any keyword into the chat window and hit the sticker button.
  • Share and exchange links which without having to leave the app.
  • Share multiple photos in once. You can also add videos.
  • You can share video live but also the one you already shot.
  • Check if your contacts are using the chat at the same time as you.
  • Share files as videos, photos or text while video chatting.

For more about those new features read the rest HERE.


Twitter new update makes its platform more secure for its users

Any social media has its swarm of trolls and abuse. It unfortunately seems it’s a usual thing on Twitter. After months of pressure from its users to improve security on the platform they have finally made an update that facilitated the reporting of abuse. Now you can directly attach the abusive tweet(s) to the report which should help for a quick solution to the problem. You can read more HERE.

Instagram is testing a black and white look

If there is one thing that never had any improvement on Instagram was its look. Was it a lack of interest in it? The only things that had an update were the icons. As you must have noticed it all changed a few days ago with the new update the new Instagram look is a black and white one. Though this new look might not stay for long as they are still testing this new look. Enjoy as you can. Read more HERE.


New Facebook algorithm

It will never stop. Facebook has again a new algorithm. This one is made to keep the most relevant posts on top of your feed. It is a bit confusing knowing that most of their algorithms updates are made to insure that most relevant posts stay on top. But for “This update to ranking will take into account how likely you are to click on an article and then spend time reading it.” Maybe Facebook is trying way too much. You can read the rest of the article HERE.