Latest news of the digital world

Let’s start the week with our usual “News of the Week“. Yet again most of social media platforms have new updates and features. Have you heard about any of them?

Instagram or Snapchat, Snapchat or Instagram ?

I think since it happened you all have noticed it. Instagram have introduced Instagram Stories, What is it? Well…..it’s more or less Snapchat. From your “home” page you can see  who posted a story. You will see their avatar on the left top of the page. The “plus” is when you want to make your own story.  You can swipe to the left you go to the usual private message section. If you swipe to the right you directly open the camera mode, which allow you to take pictures or videos. As Snapchat you can add text, smiley or even use your fingers to doodle on your phone screen. You can find on CNet a good article with a few interesting tips.


Could we finally make draft on Instagram

If you are a Twitter users you know you can prepare draft and save them for later when useful. Instagram is testing a similar feature and testing it from a long time now. Will it be approved by the audience we will find out soon. The feature is simple if you accidently hit the turn back button, you will automatically lose everything you just wrote but with the new feature a dialogue box will let you know if you want to discard your post or save the draft. As much as it sounds cool it might never happened as there was complains about the feature disappearing from tester. Want to know more about it? Click HERE.

Are “clickbait” headlines over soon on Facebook?

You maybe don’t know what a clickbait headlines in but you certainly saw them all over your Facebook page. It’s a headline that more or less invite you to click with a misleading title or incomplete. You know the kind of “A woman saw her dog do something and she was shocked!” Bait! You want to know more and it ends up with nothing at all. Publishers count a lot on this type of headline but Facebook announced their next algorithm will work against it. It will not directly affect users but punish publishers who use this strategy too many times. Read more about it HERE.