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With the advent of Web 2.0 and social networks, online reputation is an element that takes on its full meaning. Social networks facilitate the exchange of experiences between users of a website and thus have a great influence on the brand image of a company. One of the pillars of an effective digital marketing strategy must be the management of the company’s reputation on the web.

EMINENCE, a Digital Marketing agency specializing in e-reputation, provides you with its multidisciplinary team to improve, protect and control your reputation on the web. A well-established digital brand awareness represents a competitive advantage as it strengthens brand identity and trust among users.

Today, it is a proven fact that those who wish to make a purchase from a site will be greatly influenced by the consumer reviews available online (forums, social networks and consumer review sites). Of course, the reputation of a website is not fully controllable, but it is important to know how to manage it. Today, users are involved in the good or bad reputation of the companies they frequent. Customer feedback on the web can reassure Internet users as much as it can seriously damage a company’s credibility.

There are three different ways that online users can talk about your brand:

  1. In a positive way
  2. In a neutral way
  3. In a negative way

To be able to control your image and your reputation on the web and on social networks, we recommend that you set up a social listening and e-reputation strategy, in order to be aware of everything concerning your brand, your services, etc.

The added values ​​of e-listening:

  • Know who is saying bad things about you, your business sector or services
  • Know who is saying good things about you, your business sector or services
  • Anticipate crises and be reactive
  • Analyse events and campaigns launched in real time by competitors
  • Create a dashboard that filters the important data that you want to monitor and collect
  • Comparative analysis of competitors
  • Development of new products
  • Generation of prospects and customers

Online reputation is not just a matter of communication and image, it can have direct consequences on the business and turnover of a company; that is why you need to control it.

Eminence will help you showcase your expertise and added value on the web, manage your e-reputation and reassure your visitors about the quality of the company and your offer.

Do you want to manage your online reputation and achieve your business objectives?

How does Eminence implement an effective social listening strategy?

Step one: identify the important channels

It is important to identify together the channels where your e-reputation is being built in order to develop your e-listening strategy.

Step two: determine the indicators to monitor

We need to select the right indicators that can help us measure and evaluate your online reputation. For example:

  • Number of mentions in the press of your brand
  • Number of subscribers on social networks
  • Engagement rate
  • Number of consumers who have posted a review
  • Traffic generated by search
  • Consumer ratings and comments on review sites
  • Have social influencers talked about you?
  • Have prestigious media talked about you?
  • Number of ambassadors and internet users who spontaneously recommend you to other people on social media
  • Number of positive vs negative comments
  • What are the key themes or subjects most associated with your brand?

Among all these indicators, it is up to us to choose the ones that are important to you and your strategy. Keep in mind that you need to mix both qualitative and quantitative indicators at all costs.

Step three: compare your business with your sector

An analysis of your reputation alone is worthless if you have no point of comparison. This is why, for every e-reputation analysis we do on your brand, we will do the same for your main competitors. It will also allow you to position yourself and set realistic goals.

Step four: setting up e-listening and e-reputation tools and practices

The basis of this strategy is the implementation of strategic watch and e-listening tools, in order to be able to continuously manage your reputation. These tools will allow us to know at all times what is being said about your business. They will help us measure the chosen indicators and monitor their performance according to your business objectives. This will allow you to identify signs of crisis, correct points of dissatisfaction and be able to capitalize on the positive image of your brand.

Step five: set goals to improve reputation

Your business goals will change over time, as will your e-reputation goals. This is the reason why you must support this evolution by setting yourself SMART objectives such as: never exceed 15% of negative mentions of your flagship product on social media per month or increase your average rating by 0.5 point per month on consumer review sites.

Step Six: Collect and interpret the results

We will customize a dashboard and collect the data you need. This will allow us to analyse them, make corrections and implement new actions in order to manage your online reputation.

Are you interested in an e-reputation control process?

Why choose Eminence to manage your online reputation?

What our e-listening tools (Falcon, Radarly by Linkinfluence, Brandwatch) allow you to monitor and do:

  • The reputation of the brand and its management
  • User discussions on social media (why they like a brand or not, etc.)
  • Listening trends on your products/services
  • Your positioning on the different channels
  • Competitor analysis
  • Real-time views of business and market preferences
  • The image and reputation of your brand
  • Understand the audience (content shared, measure feelings, why they act, etc.)
  • The mentions “owned” vs. “earned” in the media
  • Social monitoring and listening to social media
  • Trend monitoring
  • Consumer insights
  • Identify the best platforms to advertise


Business e-reputation is a major issue because it can greatly impact your business. It will therefore be necessary to follow and guide the evolution of your reputation to ensure that it is going in the right direction.

With effective monitoring, you will be able to anticipate crises since you will be able to detect the first signals and react accordingly. Keeping a close eye on your digital reputation will help you retain existing customers and gain new ones. Thanks to our e-listening strategy, you will be able to intervene at the right time and in the right way to minimize the impact on your brand.

Our web and communication experts support you to enhance your online reputation over time and optimize your digital ROI. The image you have on the web today will impact the one you will have in a few years’ time. This is called a digital fingerprint and it makes e-reputation all the more important.

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