Eminence Digital News of the Week

Between Facebook being at war with AdBlock and Instagram continually copying Snapchat this week have pretty interesting news.

When Facebook and AdBlock Plus are at war

It has become a cat-and-mouse game between Facebook and Adblock Plus as both are working hard to disable each other updates on the platform. As you know Facebook gave a lot of space to advertisers, we all received more and more ads on our feed and a lot of users ended up installing AdBlock Plus. To counter that Facebook found a way to disable AdBlock Plus which later found itself a way to counteract Facebook’s bypass. Little problem, apparently it also block your friends’ posts as claimed by Facebook.  At the moment the situation seems endless as both are standing their own ground. You can read more about the situation on TechCrunch website.


Facebook Live is fully operational

It maybe doesn’t sounds as fresh news but it is in a way. Facebook Live was rolling only on iOS but Facebook has finally unveiled the update for Android too. Knowing 50% of users are on Android it was about time they do it. What does Facebook Live do? It allows you to choose your audience by limiting your videos depending on their age, location and other stuff. As a user you also have interesting and useful info about the video. You can see when one of your friends is posting a Live video, you can have insights on when is the best part of the video if you want go directly at that moment. Anyway, read more about it HERE.


Instagram is copying Snapchat again

Look like Facebook is lacking inspiration. After cloning Snapchat stories by introducing Instagram Stories, which are pictures or videos that last 24hours in your feed, they are now taking Snapchat Live Stories which is called Events. At the moment it’s only available in the United States but it’s meant to be for all Instagram users. How it works? It’s similar to Live Stories. Instagram with a new algorithm will feature events like concerts, sports games or any events in that scale. You can be sure the Olympics must be featured. For now people seems to react nicely to those changes even if some thought they were useless new features. Read more about it HERE.