Facebook: N1 Source of traffic ahead to Google

Google has been the champion in acquiring traffic for years. The US giant has not much to worry about with a market share of 90.35% in the world against Bing and Yahoo with 3.7% to 2.9%. In Europe it has 93.64% market share while Bing has only 2.5%. However, another competitor has his way as traffic provider: Facebook! Because, social networks also have their importance in terms of traffic generation.

So  will Facebook become more important than Google in terms of traffic generation?

Facebook: N1 Source of  traffic ahead to Google:

According to a US study by Parsely, specialized in the analysis of the media audience, Facebook became the first traffic generator for media websites surpassing Google. Indeed, the study was focused on referring  400 web media sites including Mashable, Eurosport, Slate, The Atlantic, Fox News, and Reuters. The results showed that starting from June 2015, Facebook took the lead ahead to Google with 43% of traffic generated  against 38%on news sites.However, Facebook has surpassed Google with a much smaller percentage (+ 1%) in October 2014 but the search engine quickly resumed its leadership.

Impressive figures, but not that much because Facebook has shown its interest to continually offer new features for the media. Items such as Instant Articles allowing media to publish content directly to Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg himself has indicated wanting to make their social network the best personalized news portal in the world.


This study showed that social networks are particularly important in terms of generating traffic than search engines. So optimizing social media is it not also essential to increase traffic?

Consider the SMO in the traffic acquisition strategy

When we talk about traffic optimization course we talk about optimization. SMO (Social Media Optimization) or social media optimization is to upload optimized content for SEO Social Media. The objective of SMO strategy is to drive traffic to websites and to reach potential customers. These are new acquisition channels and more effective as the example of Facebook. Other objectives, SMO allows you to improve your e-reputation, to create an active and interested community and enhance your content.

But how can we best optimize its social media?

Quality content sharing

It is obvious, original and interesting content can easily encourage sharing. It is also important to use different platforms to disseminate its contents and determine their perfect timing. And to generate traffic, you should insert links redirecting to a source present at the site. Remember to also incorporate relevant keyword.

Engage your community

talk to them, ask them questions, send them personalized messages… Involve around a theme or idea… Build a trusting relationship between you and your community. Be a source of information and advice for them.

Optimize your profile

Put the necessary information to have  a complete and clear profile for your audience. Feel free to add links to the sources of your website.

Find Influencers

Search bloggers and influential accounts in your domain on social networks and contact them to suggest to them such a collaboration or partnership.


Content production remains the first and best solution to generate more traffic to a brand’s website. Indeed, this technique aims to reassure the Internet on the credibility and brand competence. However, it is advisable for brands to  properly optimize their social networks because they provide a key opportunity to increase traffic to their website.