Cultivating your brand is a fundamental element to allow your company to survive in the future. Thanks to a more modern marketing view consisting in creating an appealing content to attract Internet users to your site, you will create more traffic and have more chances to turn them into leads and then into customers.

Trust Eminence, inbound marketing company in Geneva, to conceive an attractive and convincing content for you and implement tools to convert leads into clients in order to realise a positive return on investment.


In an environment where competition is increasingly more intense, enterprises have to reboost their marketing strategy and enhance their digital visibility to attract visitors. Indeed, traditional marketing, also known as outbound marketing, consists in the use of advertisements (TV, radio, magazines, etc.) and is now seen as too invasive by many individuals.

Moreover, outbound marketing broadcasts the same message to a mass audience and therefore does not provide a customized experience to each person; on the contrary it targets everyone without any particular distinction. The effect of the broadcasted message in a traditional marketing context is therefore increasingly lighter and produces less and less return on investment.

In order to resolve this problem, the inbound marketing has appeared. This method consists in the creation of an appealing content adapted to a distinct prospect, as well as to his position in the purchasing process (simple visitor, lead, future customer, etc.). This technique therefore employs a marketing strategy that consists of personalizing the customer experience and thus providing a unique experience tailored to the individual profile and behaviour of the prospect.

This method focuses first on conceiving a qualitative content in order to attract people to your brand and products through an interesting website and blog. Indeed, by communicating the right content, in the right place and at the right time, your message will be seen as more pertinent by your target audience and will therefore have a stronger impact. Then, this approach will consist in turning these visitors into leads, and finally convert them into customers thanks to diverse tools that will be explained later on.

Being the most effective method to create business opportunities through the web, it therefore seems to be a version of digital marketing that encourages Internet users to visit the website of an enterprise with the objective to take advantage of it.

Eminence, inbound marketing agency in Geneva, accompanies you in this essential process by helping you create and distribute quality content to generate a qualified audience, and then turn it into identified prospects who will later become clients.


Our inbound marketing agency employs numerous digital marketing tools, such as newsletter campaigns, CRM tools and social networks to manage your customer relationships. All these tools will enable you to cultivate your client relationships, build customer loyalty and recruit new contacts.

In addition, having a website that is appealing to your target audience and having pertinent, high-quality and engaging content will allow you to present your offer in a relevant way. This will allow you to identify your visitors, get their e-mail address via contact forms, and eventually contact them again to try to convert them later on.

During the process of acquisition and traffic conversion, effective tools such as Hubspot enable you to analyse in real time what works on your website and creates traffic, as well as components that generate little added value and therefore demand improvement.

In classic marketing, the budget is based on mass advertising and has been growing significantly during the recent years, which is why more and more enterprises are encouraged to relocate these amounts to this new inbound marketing strategy view, which seems to be more effective.

Contact our inbound marketing agency to guide you in this crucial step!



Many enterprises are choosing this new approach of marketing in order to produce traffic on their web platforms, to the detriment of often unpleasant promotional messages.

This marketing approach is therefore a concept that intends to turn the visitor of the site into a prospect, in order to offer him a personalized experience to convert him into a client.

In order for this method to become a powerful marketing force, your enterprise has to employ tools that will enable your site to target a qualified audience, and therefore create traffic.

As an inbound marketing agency in Geneva, Eminence guides you in the implementation of an inbound marketing strategy to enable you better target and qualify your audience, and thus generate a better return on investment (ROI).





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