Increase the reach of your Facebook publications!

Facebook is the number 1 social network in the world. It is essential for your company to be present and especially to be seen. So how to bring more visibility to your brand on Facebook? How about starting by increasing your audience by working on the scope of your Facebook publications.

Facebook uses an algorithm, the EdgeRank, to select and organize visible publications in users news feed. Due to the limited space of the news feed, Facebook must make a relevant selection of shared content. The development of your publication is a real competition that must know the rules! Indeed the algorithm takes into account three main criteria:

  • Affinity: the more a customer interacts with your page, the more they will see your publications in its News Feed.
  • Type of content: Some content formats are preferred such as videos and visuals. They generally collect more likes than the articles.
  • Date of publication: the more the content is new, the more it will be visible.

Now that you know the operating parameters of the Facebook algorithm you need to apply the following tips to boost virality of your publications.

Choose videos!

Facebook gives greater visibility to the visual content such as videos and infographics. The articles are interesting but the visuals are simple to understand and effective in conveying a message. Publications formats are important. The latest trends show that it is better to publish videos in priority to achieve maximum reach:

Videos (8.7% average range)

The articles (5.8% average range)

The links (5.3% average range)

Pictures (with 3.7% on average range)

short but effective text:

If you make the choice of a written publication, it must be concise and quality content. You must limit the length of your publications, to facilitate reading for the user.

Post regularly:

We connect at different times of the day, and if we miss your post in the morning, we will probably see it at midday or evening. Knowing that once your subscribers like your page, they return more spontaneously, the only way to reach them is to publish twice a day minimum!

Be reactive

Take the time to respond to comments. Whether positive or negative you should not neglect any of your subscribers. The more interaction, the better! This will build customer loyalty and increase your visibility!

Use the polls!

Do not hesitate to seek advice from your subscribers by asking questions, or by setting up polls. If you sell products, you can ask the opinion of consumers for the next packaging, for example! You can encourage your subscribers to tag friends to increase your audience.

Create events

Organize events or contests on Facebook are a good way to gain visibility while promoting interaction with subscribers. The more publication reaches people in your community, the more you benefit from increased visibility!

Use Facebook Ads

Once you’ve targeted your audience, you can interact with your community. Investing in an advertising budget to Facebook Ads becomes profitable. A paid publication of Facebook tools guarantee maximum visibility, and allows you to reach more people.

If you need a community manager, you can contact our digital marketing agency for information.

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