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Improve your brand’s reputation on social media with a strong influencer marketing strategy.

Eminence, your social media influencer strategy partner in Geneva

The term “opinion leader” refers to a respected personality who, through his or her expertise, reputation, or social media presence, can influence the opinions and behaviors of members of his or her own network.

A thought leader is therefore a person who enjoys particular authority in a given sector or domain. Thought leaders can, through their advice or criticism, influence the opinions and consumer behavior of their community. The concept of thought leader has existed since the creation of the media, but it has taken on a whole new dimension with the advent of Web 2.0. Now, thought leaders can express their position bluntly and converse directly with their followers. Designing an effective influencer marketing strategy means developing targeted communication with a qualified audience in order to improve your brand image.

Our agency is specialized in influencer marketing strategies to support you. Eminence can help you in the process of selecting the right people who will make a difference for your brand. Before seeking to build a social media marketing strategy, several criteria must be taken into consideration to correctly select your future influencers: their reputation, their area of expertise, their creditability, their target community and quality of their audience.

The second step is that your brand approaches these thought leaders to invite them to collaborate with you. For example, they can try out a company product or service, share brand-specific information, link their profile to your site, or invite their community to participate in a viral contest.

When it comes to deploying an influencer marketing strategy, there are several different types of influencers to consider:

  • Social media stars
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Celebrities
  • Youtubers
  • Bloggers
  • TikTokers
  • Professionals in your industry

Do you want to implement a successful e-influence strategy and achieve your business goals?

How does Eminence develop your influencer marketing strategy?
  • Set clear objectives
    Are you searching for brand awareness, web traffic generation, product promotion, visibility gain? Digital goals are varied and the first step to a successful influencer marketing strategy is to define them correctly.
  • A well-defined target audience
    Identify the clientele you are looking to reach via your influencer marketing strategy. The ‘Tone of Voice’, the lines of communication, and the content will vary depending on the type of audience. It is therefore very important to know the specifics of your target audience since this will help to identify the right type of influencers to select for your marketing strategy and engage your targets through people they trust. We will thus analyze your audiences and create buyer personas so that we can target the right people.
  • Micro-influencers rather than social media stars
    Influencers need to be aligned with your brand and the values you convey. In some circumstances, to increase brand awareness, it is more judicious to choose micro-influencers rather than the ones with the biggest followers. Despite the fact that micro-influencers have a much smaller follower base than social media “celebrities”, their audience is more loyal, receptive, and engaged. They are often passionate about a particular sector that they will then promote.
  • Relevant content
    It will be more appropriate for your brand to give freedom to influencers when it comes to content creation. Depending on the brand’s industry, they know what works and what doesn’t with their community. We can also make recommendations to make sure the message is well received by the target audience.
  • An optimized influencer marketing strategy
    As with any marketing activity, your influence strategy should be monitored and measured to optimize and reorient it when necessary.

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Why choose Eminence?

Collaborating with influencers is beneficial for your brand, as long as you choose them well and design the influencer marketing strategy well. With a strong understanding of social media and the overall digital world, Eminence can guide you to choose the right influencer strategy for you.

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