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Eminence, your mobile marketing partner in Geneva

Mobile marketing has become a priority for businesses due to the shift in consumer behaviour. In fact, the phone is the tool most used by Internet users, leading Google to announce a switch to mobile-first indexing as of 2021. Google will now analyse your website using the Robots exclusion standard (Robot.txt) in the mobile version to shift user experience (UX) to mobile devices, to meet the new consumer expectations.

Eminence, your mobile web marketing agency, can help you develop a mobile marketing strategy to boost your business as effectively as possible, and assist you with your brand’s strategy.

Do you want to implement an effective mobile marketing strategy to achieve your business goals?

How does Eminence help you capitalize on the potential of mobile marketing?

Our agency has a team dedicated to mobile marketing and can help you respond to this new and rapidly rising consumer behaviour in digital media. Thanks to our mobile expertise, we can assist you in developing mobile-based services and we can help you to achieve your marketing goals.

Whether it is as an application, a mobile-optimized website, or a means of payment, mobile web marketing exists in many forms and is present everywhere in our daily lives.

Here is how we can help you with your mobile marketing strategy:

Step one: The creation of online mobile buyer personas

This step consists of defining the different types of personas within your target audience. We try to understand your business, your market, and your targets to understand who you are targeting. We collect demographic information about how a user has interacted with you, as well as their phone usage (type of device, connection time, how they search for your products, where they shop, etc.), to understand their expectations and needs. This key information will help you to respond effectively, using mobile marketing actions.

Step two: Defining mobile marketing KPIs according to your objectives

Defining your goals will help us to define the actions we will take to reach them using mobile marketing. For example, do you want to: increase mobile traffic? Increase your database? Generate more conversions and sales? Depending on your business objectives, we will specify how to measure these effectively, by selecting the correct KPIs to follow.

Step three: Tracking

Together we will define your objectives and what are the most important events to follow when we develop your tracking plan. Thanks to Firebase, our specialists will be able to help you collect information – anonymously – about how your users have interacted with your website, thanks to a tracking code. Our analytics experts will help you to define the best web analytics strategy possible, and the best platform to use, to help you increase your mobile website traffic and the ROI of your online spending.

Step four: Defining a mobile marketing strategy

Once the objectives and KPIs have been set, we will complement and review your current strategy with new channels and implement an effective cross-channel strategy that incorporates mobile marketing as a unique platform. We will transform the data and consumer insights gathered into marketing actions (for example in the form of sponsored campaigns, retargeting ads, lead ads, etc.), to improve customer experience, and help generate user engagement as well as purchase intent.

Step five: Performance control & strategy optimization

We will define tools with which to monitor the performance of your mobile marketing strategy and monitor your KPIs. Continuous monitoring makes it possible to optimize and improve the results of actions launched. Thanks to a personalized Dashboard, you will be able to monitor your performance in real-time and we will be able to provide you with a detailed monthly report on the results of your campaigns and the data collected. We will also be able to provide you with recommendations to optimize your mobile marketing strategy and help you increase the traffic and return on investment.

Are you interested in a mobile web marketing approach?

Why choose Eminence as a mobile web marketing agency?

Our experts are certified by Google Analytics and they will assist you with all your digital needs. Calling on Eminence to help you implement an effective mobile marketing strategy means taking advantage of the latest technology in an ever-changing world.

A well-developed mobile web marketing strategy represents a real opportunity for companies who want to grow their business further, as it allows them to increase traffic to their website as well as sales.

To meet your mobile marketing needs, we offer two dedicated services:

Mobile web marketing:

We propose various mobile communication and m-commerce strategy actions you can set up, as well as mobile advertising strategies such as Display Ads on application, Display Ads on mobile, Pay Per Call Mobile, etc.

Mobile SEO:

We can help you to optimize your organic and paid SEO for mobile marketing.

Our analytics experts can help you to define the best web analytics strategy possible, and the best platform that can contribute to significantly increasing your website traffic and the ROI of your online investments.

Mobile marketing plays a key part in any company’s digital strategy. This is why we put our expertise at your service to help you integrate mobile marketing into your digital communication strategy.

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