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In an effort to keep you updated we gather together the latest digital news of the world. As usual social media have a big share in the endless changes of this world. Please comment and share we are eager to know what you think about it. Thanks!

Instagram new tool to moderate abusive comments

You have all seen them around Instagram. They are quite a plague because hard to moderate. Spams and trolling became usual on Instagram and it’s a shame.  Fortunately with this new tool it might change soon. It will be available for Business accounts only, let’s hope it is just for now as we are pretty sure all users at some point received a notification for an abusive comment. It is apparently an on/off mode that you switch on (or off) and it will automatically find abusive comments depending on old comments that have been reported on other accounts. For now on watch for what you say on Instagram. Read more HERE.


Self-destructive messages on Messenger

This new feature is going to make you feel like Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible. Facebook is introducing self-destructive and encrypted messages to Messenger. As you can remember Facebook’s other message app, What’s app had it back in April (to the great displeasure of the FBI). As usual only a few users are testing it right now but we might all have it at the end of the summer. How does it work? Apparently as you can use Messenger on all your devices, you will have to turn a secret chat for it to work. Want to know more? Click HERE.


Does Youtube is ready for its mobile GO LIVE app?

We reported it several time. Videos are the future of Social Media which are left right updating their respective platform with new features. Youtube included of course, except for their mobile app. But it might change soon. Someone has analysed the APK code of the app and it seems that a “go live” picture is appearing. So the deduction is that the new feature is right at the corner ready to be release.  We guess only time will tell you if it really happening or not but it certainly a new we can be excited about. Meanwhile you can read more about it HERE.


You can schedule Instagram post via Buffer

About time! Hootsuite already allowed it a few months back, it’s Buffer turns to finally allow to schedule your Instagram post using Buffer. It works on both Buffer website and mobile app. Downsides? Well there is a big one as Instagram doesn’t allow foreign app to post any of its users post. As Later it will notify you that you have a post scheduled. Upsides? Buffer will come with analytics! You could see your followers’ growth, how many likes your posts have and engagement statistics. As you might remember Instagram will provide an analytic tool only for Business Profiles.  So you will be able to follow your growth with the Buffer Free version for one account. Read more HERE.

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