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Eminence, your digital agency for performance marketing in Switzerland

Performance marketing is based on a delicate balance between desired results and achievable results. For example, if you wish to increase the number of leads, sales, or traffic to your website, our marketing campaigns allow you to measure your brand’s reach and conversion rate, all through one single ad. In this way, we help you to make sure that your performance marketing campaigns are optimized to achieve the best return on investment.

Performance marketing was born out of companies’ desire to reduce their cost per acquisition and increase their return on investment. The ideal concept is that you only pay when your objectives have been achieved (conversions, downloads, registrations, etc.).

Eminence, your marketing performance agency, analyzes your data across your different channels (website, social networks, applications, etc.) in order to set key marketing KPIs. By implementing digital actions based on your users’ data, we can support you in achieving your goals by encouraging them to act in a way that is conclusive for your brand.

Performance Marketing’s Key Advantages:

  • It facilitates performance monitoring
  • It is low risk
  • It focuses on return on investment
  • It is 100% measurable
  • It facilitates campaign monitoring

Do you want to set up a strategy based on performance marketing to achieve your business goals?

How does Eminence set up performance marketing?

Once your business objectives are defined, Eminence will help develop a digital strategy aimed at generating a positive return on investment for your company. Our goal is to analyze the current performance of your actions and platforms, to determine what can be optimized. We offer you a 360 ° digital vision, as well as a clear communication plan of actions to be put in place so that all your future campaigns are structured around an effective and relevant digital strategy.

In order to do this, here are some key questions that will help us assess your digital ecosystem:

  • Which of your marketing efforts is experiencing steady growth?
  • On which platforms is it difficult to predict ROI and growth?
  • Which platform has the most engagement?
  • Which platform is limited by your resources?
  • What are the platforms with a positive ROI?
  • Which platform should we track and monitor better to understand your performance?
  • What are the marketing efforts that work well for you?
  • Which channels attract the most engaged users?
  • Which platforms have the best customer retention and loyalty?
  • Which channels might represent a short-term loss but a long-term gain?
  • Which platforms perform best?
  • What platforms serve your business goals?

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Why choose Eminence for your Performance Marketing?

Eminence’s digital experts analyze and monitor the performance of digital campaigns in real-time, to optimize them and help ensure that your objectives are met.

We focus our efforts on constantly optimizing campaigns for conversions. This involves testing and learning, as well as making data-driven decisions. This is why we use cutting-edge marketing and analysis tools to collect data from your users. We also monitor performance daily and provide you with a concrete and global vision of your different touchpoints.

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