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Eminence, your performance partner in Geneva

A company’s performance is determined by the degree to which it achieves its set objectives.

At Eminence, a digital performance strategy agency, we help your company to be both effective and efficient. Effective, because we strive to achieve the objectives set, and efficient because we assist you in optimizing your digital performance to reach your KPIs.

We measure your company’s performance with qualitative and quantitative indicators to identify and correlate your set objectives to the key actions that can be implemented.

To ensure an improvement in your company’s performance, we aim to develop your digital strategy around key performance indicators (KPIs) and to optimize your return on investment (ROI). By analyzing the set KPIs, we can identify the actions to help maintain, optimize and improve your performance and results.

Our agency is specialized in performance marketing and will accompany you in your marketing decisions so that you can have a clear and long-term strategic vision to achieve your business objectives (be it to increase your brand awareness, sales or to drive quality traffic to your website).

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How does Eminence implement a successful performance strategy?

To set up a successful digital performance strategy requires specific knowledge and expertise, which is why it is recommended to call upon an agency specialized in strategic performance.

Step One: Define your KPIs

We will start by linking your business goals to specific KPIs. This will allow us to evaluate the success of your campaigns and your digital strategy. Defining relevant KPIs will help your company to perform and improve the return on investment of your actions.

Step Two: Analyze your digital ecosystem and market segment

It is important that we analyze your market segment and your digital ecosystem to recommend the most effective actions to implement. By analyzing your ecosystem, we will be able to optimize its performance and thus highlight your competitive advantages. We will study your market positioning, measure the effectiveness of your past marketing campaigns, observe how you collect, manage and analyze your data, in order to identify new performance opportunities. Understanding your competitors’ positioning, which platforms they use and their strategy will help us to understand your market segment. It will also allow us to evaluate the performance of your marketing and sales strategy in relation to the competition.

Step Three: Develop an omnichannel strategy

What is the ultimate goal of an omnichannel strategy? To identify the most effective platforms, ads, and formats that will help you to achieve your performance goals.

After analyzing your audience’s behaviors, we will set up a targeting method that will take the form of an attribution strategy. Selecting the right platforms and messages is key to generating quality traffic and sales on your website. The platforms must correspond perfectly to the uses’ expectations and the customers’ journeys. From this, we will then be able to make strategic decisions including the allocation of budgets and the different types of content to create.

Step Four: Performance tracking, monitoring, and reporting

Once the omnichannel strategy has been established, we will set up a tracking plan to follow your KPIs, and a cross-data strategy in order to analyze your data. This step is valuable to support strategic decisions. It should be noted that KPIs require constant evaluation to ensure that they remain relevant. Thanks to our tracking tools and the implementation of a performance dashboard, we will be able to improve the results of your campaigns in real-time and optimize them accordingly. Each month, we can provide you with a detailed analysis of the results obtained, the budget allocation and also share with you our key recommendations to optimize the current strategy.

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Why choose Eminence?

Our digital and performance experts are at your service to support you in all your strategic decisions. At Eminence, we strive for performance and accompany you in the daily monitoring of your campaigns, to help you to achieve your business objectives.

Our objective is to boost your online visibility and sales by taking key actions that will facilitate a positive return on investment and optimize your performance.

At Eminence, we believe that transparency is the key to success with our clients. That’s why we will give you access to a personalized performance dashboard, where you will be able to follow the overall performance and the budget expenditures in real-time.

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