Case study

Social networks

The context

With the help of its digital agency Eminence, Bodyline Center launched weekly Reels on Instagram whilst keeping in mind the following key objectives: ​

  1. Build brand awareness ​
  2. Attract new audiences ​
  3. Increase organic reach​
  4. Showcase monthly brand offers ​
  5. Move existing leads down the sales funnel
The results

April 2021-May 2021

In only one month, we obtained the following results:

Total Reel video views

1.7 %

Increase in Instagram followers


Reel content interactions


Accounts reached


Instagram profile visits


Instagram Impressions

9.6 %

Increase in content interactions


Website button clicks

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Client presentation

Bodyline Center is a slimming institute located in the heart of Geneva, on the Rue du Marché. Bodyline Center is an elegant, modern and relaxing space that offers innovative treatments. Using the latest technologies and equipment, the center caters to clients of all ages who wish to lose weight. Bodyline offers a unique and professional experience to its customers in a friendly frame. Always seeking to satisfy their needs, the center offers expert nutritional advice and techniques that are adapted to each clients’ needs.


Eminence aimed to incorporate the new Instagram Reel feature into the organic social media strategy of Bodyline Center. ​

Instagram Reels are short videos that are usually accompanied by music and last from 15 to 30 seconds. Like its most prominent competitor TikTok, Reels videos are fun, casual, and easy to pass on a message. They are a great way for brands to communicate key messages in a short span of time. ​

The objectives of using Reels for Bodyline Center’s organic social media strategy included:​

  • Maximizing organic reach potential by leveraging this new feature to get Bodyline Center’s organic content prioritized by the Instagram algorithm ​
  • Increasing Bodyline Center’s brand awareness organically ​
  • Reaching new audiences by using the new Instagram feature ​
  • Attracting potential consumers ​
  • Highlighting Bodyline Center’s monthly offers in Reels to complement Bodyline Center’s paid social media strategy

Our strategy

Bodyline Center runs several promotions on a monthly basis to highlight and push their different slimming treatments, depending on the season. In order to highlight these offers via organic social media, Eminence proposed to incorporate these monthly offers into their social media strategy via Instagram Reels. ​

This could help Bodyline to optimize their brand awareness and showcase the different promotions to a wider audience organically. It would be a great way to complement Bodyline Center’s ongoing paid social media strategy.​

These short videos included aspirational lifestyle content to appeal to Bodyline Center’s targeted audience. ​

By publishing offers every week in the form of Reels, the social media communication strategy was enhanced. The content was prioritized by the Instagram algorithm as we consistently used the new Reel feature available on the platform.

Steps strategy

  • Eminence established a graphic template for the Reels that was adapted to the current graphic chart of the brand;​
  • Eminence created aspirational 15 second long videos in vertical format that was adapted to the new Instagram Reel format to inspire Bodyline Center’s target audience;​
  • Relevant hashtags were included to each Reel to organically increase their reach; ​
  • We published 1 Reel every week for 1 month to complement Bodyline Center’s paid social media strategy;​
  • The success of the Reels, led us to fully integrate this format to our organic social media strategy.
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