Case study

Emil Frey
Social networks

The context

With the help of its agency Eminence, Emil Frey launched a series of successful social media ads whilst keeping in mind the following three key objectives:

  1. To generate qualified leads
  2. To generate interest amongst its targeted audiences
  3. To increase Emil Frey’s brand awareness
The results
32 %

Conversions coming from social media


Number of followers on Instagram in 6 months (organic)


Total number of video views on Instagram

48.26 %

Website traffic generated by social networks

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Client presentation

Emil Frey Geneva Acacias is a car dealer, specialized in the sale of BMW and MINI cars on the Geneva market.
With 90 years of experience in the automotive sector, it has remained faithful to its credo: quality vehicles at reasonable prices and professional work. The company has a fleet of more than 100 vehicles in Geneva.


01. Building and developing a community on social networks

02. Increasing the visibility of the company

03. Generating qualified traffic on the site via social networks

04. Increasing the number of conversions via social networks

Our strategy

We carried out a complete competitive analysis in order to define the overall strategy to be adopted on social medias, which would meet the needs and objectives of Emil Frey Genève Acacias.

As of February 2016, we managed the community of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of Emil Frey Genève Acacias.

In terms of content, we have established a specific strategy for each social media, taking into account the different target groups of the client. The shared content was therefore adapted to the needs of each target audience. For example, more informative and innovative content was posted on Facebook, while on Instagram, we opted for content aimed at a younger target audience.

The three main objectives of the presence of Emil Frey Geneva Acacias on social networks were to:

  1. Generate traffic to the website
  2. Convert social media followers into qualified leads
  3. Increase brand awareness in the French-speaking part of Switzerland
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