Real Estate Agents: Do What your Competitors Don’t Dare to Do

Do you work in the real estate business but you have never thought about having a blog? It’s time to rethink. Yes, it is a lot of work and yes, it is worth it. But don’t worry: We can help you.

10 facts real estate agents should know about blogging:

  1. Blogs are the group of online platforms that are on third place if you count the number of visitors (after corporate and e-commerce websites).
  2. Blogs are a way to show your expertise in your sector, your services and your know-how. Look for example the series of article that Eminence keeps publishing about marketing in real estate business this month. Don’t hesitate to use your blog to show off your knowledge.
  3. On a blog you can seduce your customer by providing him useful or interesting information – don’t hesitate to be funny too. Amusing your readers will incite them to visit your portal again and again.
  4. Give your customer the possibility to recommend your brand. In fact, if your readers appreciate the content of your blog, they will share it with their contacts – typically via social networks. For you, this is a very efficient way to advertise. And what’s best: It’s free publicity.
  5. A blog allows you to multiply your contact points with your target group. If you handle your blog in a successful way, it will improve your online visibility.
  6. Improve your natural referencing: A blog is a new reference on the internet, so it is a way to create links between your website and your blog – something Google is going to like. Make sure you respect the rules of web content creation in the way you choose your words for the articles on the blog and your natural referencing will be improved in a short span of time.
  7. Do what your competitors don’t do. On your blog you can be creative and show off your expertise in an informal and an attractive way.
  8. Boost the qualified traffic on your website. Use your blog to attract people who are generally interested in the real estate sector. In the end of the day it’s those prospects who will recommend you most efficiently, and thus who will help you to improve your conversion rate.
  9. Position your brand as a reference in the market. Although you don’t sell anything on your blog, the site will be full of your agency’s name. If you upload attractive content, the users keep in mind your name – and not the one of your competitor. Thus, the day they need a real estate broker, they will come back to you.
  10. Use your blog to boost your contact list. Give the user the possibility to subscribe to your newsletter thus make sure they never miss a new article. Gather contacts of potential customers and increase your community around your brand.

But please, be aware: A blog is not a simple platform where you publish an article once in a blue moon. It will need some of your time if you want to turn your blog into a real marketing tool that will accelerate your growth. For this, you need a real referencing strategy, an editorial planning and an associated e-mailing strategy.

If you wish a strategic consulting about your communication or marketing approaches, don’t hesitate to contact us. With pleasure we analyze your online positioning and give you the tools to improve your conversion rate. Together we can boost your sales!

G.L. Junior Account Executive, Eminence