The Social Media News of the Week

When a new app got its inspiration from squirrels

Do you know Chitter, the new mobile app launched last year? The students at Alberta University will spend 3 months in Mecca Silicon Valley for the Y-combinator fund, which has helped launch 800 startups. The app is an anonymous campus social network where students can vent about their life but also connect in a safer way than similar app Yik Yak which had the reputation of facilitating online bullying. Read more here.



#halfthestory, the hashtag to tell the truth

You all know how easy it is to tell lies or make yourself look good on social media. Certainly too easy. Someone came up with the idea of allowing people to tell their story through Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #halfthestory. Know more about the student who come up with this idea of sharing real stories here.



KnowMe the new social media app that makes you the Fashion Police

While instagram and other social media allow a certain time length video, KnowMe will allow you to upload video long as 3minutes. It’s almost half surprising that Andrew Jarecki, the filmmaker behind HBO’s hit true-crime series The Jinx is behind this new mobile app. If you think you are a Spielberg in the making you might want to download this app. Read more here.



Big Brother wants access to your email and social media account

It was all over the news that Apple stood its ground in front of FBI and say no to hacking their Iphones. On the same level, California laws want to have free access to your email and social media account. Hopefully it’s only in California but with the NSA scandal mediatized thanks to Snowden it let you wonder where their limits are. The rest here.