Social Networks: Real Estate Business Has Never Been so Much Fun

Facebook. If this is the only name that comes into your mind if you think about social networks, this article is for you. Of course, Mark Zuckerberg’s platform has become inevitable for any company in the real estate business just as well as in other sectors. But keep in mind: A successful social media marketing strategy includes Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Here is why:


Create a Youtube channel for your presentation videos. As we have already argued in our series of articles with marketing tips for real estate businesses, the future of property sales lies in the video. Always share your videos on Youtube. It’s a great platform for your community to share virtual visits of their future homes with their friends.


Google+ is currently growing. Nice for them, but you don’t care? Not quite. Why Google+ is really important for you, is because it becomes more and more important for your natural referencing. The Google search algorithm starts to privilege your corporate site if it is well referenced on Google+. Thus if you are active and well connected on Google+, the search engine considers your company to be more relevant than others and thus displays your corporate website more prominently once a user types in a key word related to your business on Google search. Being present and active on Google+ thus is fundamental for your online visibility. (You might need the background knowledge of this article about natural referencing to fully understand this paragraph.)


LinkedIn can be interesting for real estate brokers for networking reasons. You can build up or boost your communication network via LinkedIn and thus increase your zone of influence and your notoriety.


Twitter on the other hand is mostly used to share news and to diffuse specific information about the real estate sector. This platform is meant to influence peoples’ opinions – especially of those in leading positions. For you, Twitter is a great way to monitor the activity of your competitors.

And finally: Facebook

You see: Facebook is a must because it is the most popular social network platform in the world and you can reach the biggest quantity of people. But it’s not the only one you should be active on. Use your Facebook profile to diffuse the comments and recommendations of your online community but don’t underestimate the importance of other social media platforms.

Improve your online visibility

If you have a successful social network marketing strategy, you can soon count your contacts in thousands. Talk to a new audience to a low cost and be assured your investment will pay off quickly.

The trick about increasing the traffic on your website is – once again – natural referencing. Your presence on social media will boost your referencing, because you automatically start linking your corporate page with your social media profiles. And your community does the same! If they like your Youtube video, they share it on their private Facebook profiles. If they like your tweet, they might re-tweet it. If they think you’re an important person in the real estate sector, they are going to add you as a contact to their LinkedIn profile. At one go you transform your customers into your brand ambassadors (because they recommend you to their contacts) and you make sure you leave a trace in the mind of your potential prospects.  And what is best: Once the algorithm of Google search finds your corporate site being linked to social media profiles and shared by many different users, it will conclude that your website has valuable content – maybe more than the website of your competitor which is only linked to his Facebook profile.

Your E-reputation

So far, so good. But let me warn you: Only being present on social networks is not enough. Be active! Your principal reason to have profiles on social media is to diffuse new property offers. But in order to develop a real E-reputation, your profiles have to be updated with new content regularly. Display new offers, promote your image and diffuse your company’s values.

Don’t hesitate to be creative on informal platforms like Facebook. Amuse your community by giving them funny tips about how to furnish their new place or post caricatures about the topic of moving in. Make people follow you by giving them a reason to laugh. If you succeed, your brand will be well remembered.

Another essential part of your E-reputation is your blog. Find important tips and information about blogging for real estate agencies right here.

Eminence knows how competitive the real estate sector is. If your staff already is overloaded with work and you fear your marketing strategy is not given all the attention it deserves, don’t hesitate to contact us. We consult you about your social media, blogging and referencing strategy. If you wish so, our specialists in content creation can regularly update your social network profiles and handle your online community. You’ll be surprised by the boost of your sales. Contact Eminence.

G.L. Junior Account Executive, Eminence