Establishing a creative marketing strategy is a risky approach, when it comes to maintain the image of your brand or to polish up your communication.

Our web communication agency can help you to think out of the box in order to capture the attention of a volatile and challenging audience.


You need to show originality to stand out from the crowd and to boost your notoriety. In fact, the more you differentiate, the more it allows you to develop a creative concept to optimise the client experience and to boost your customer retention.

You can use different formats, such as video, visuals, games or others. The creative process can lead to different formats. It is essential to propose a service or a content, which is creating a rich and fulfilling experience for your target audience.

This is one of the key factors, which will boost the interaction with your target audience. Accordingly, prevent a creative strategy in order to introduce new customer experiences in the market.

A specialised agency in communication could be a precious help for you to differentiate from your competitors and help you develop a creative concept, optimise your client experience and boost your e-reputation.



  1. Realise a marketing evaluation
  2. Analyse the situation, the competitive intelligence, determine the competitive advantage, the definition of the positioning and the creation of personas.

  3. Realise a marketing diagnostic
  4. To explain the emerging issues, the promise to transmit to your target audience, the consumer benefits, the arguments to be used, the tone of voice, as well as the constraints.

  5. Determine a communication axis
  6. A main idea is expressing in the best way the promise to which the other ideas are related. Starting from this axis, the basic ideas are refined until they make sense to form a creative concept.

  7. Progress in the collective reflexion 
  8. Between the raw ideas and the creative concept is an enriching and deepening collective work, which is developing and polishing the expressed ideas. Copy strategy, platform creativity and star strategy. A broad spectrum of methods exists to push forward the collective reflection of the creative team.

  9. From the idea to the concept
  10. This is where you need to pass from the prototyping to test the content before finalising and publishing it.



Do you want to boost the image of your brand with integrating a creative concept?

You don’t have the experts within your company to realise this concept?

Externalise this mission with a creative agency, specialised in communication!

EMINENCE, your Digital Marketing Agency will mobilise for you its expertise, resources and competences to accompany you in establishing a creative marketing strategy for you.

You will stand out from the crowd, thanks to a creative digital communication. Furthermore, you will increase your notoriety in an environment with demanding consumers, which is getting more and more challenging.

Being conscious of all these challenges, our creative team will start from the DNA of your brand and help you to establish unique concepts for your brand to be the reference of a market segment.

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