Talk about your spa center in a different and modern way !

Spa centers continue to multiply and intensify competition. Services became similar and differentiation has to play the major role. Stand out from competition has become a survival condition. A condition requiring carefully prepared strategy with planned objectives. Experts have turned to digital in order to develop this new marketing process. A study has shown that an internet user would have an attention rate of 8 seconds.  So you can’t blame him if he is submerged by an abundant flow of information.

The question is: how to get his attention? How to better understand the behavior of cyber consumer or how to intrigue him so he will eventually come back to you? Several techniques are implemented by experts in the field to generate more traffic and subsequently convert prospects into customers, and even ambassadors of your spa.

Eminence Dubai, your digital marketing agency has selected for you the primordial techniques:

  • Make ergonomics a priority:

An attractive website, easy to handle makes you want to come back. We  will first of all think about the content of the website; favor short sentences with an eloquent editorial level, highlight and priorize the relevant information , etc. next step comes  the design and aestheticism of your website: use a beautiful example of an illustrative image of your services (thalassotherapy, sauna, anti-stress treatment, etc.) accompanied by a legend, . Regarding the perception that your center would like to convey, it would be better to have a consistent graphic with your spa brand image. A charter inspiring purity, relaxation and wellbeing will appeal the prospect.

  • Having a FAQ section / testimonials / Forum:

The user tends to go on social networks to verify the information, have the opinion of an influential person in the community and eventually criticize. So having a FAQ section will not only provide answers to your future client, or to generate traffic but also to reassure him about the seriousness of your site. People may want to share their experience in your spa. Ask them to post pictures of them in your spa with comments or even notes. This will strengthens the credibility of your site and the quality of your services.

  • Think of a questionnaire / a suggestion box:

The idea is that as soon as the user starts to navigate in your website, a questionnaire is displayed. The goal is to measure the awareness level of your Spa and allow your prospect to offer suggestions that can serve as recommendations. This is a way to involve them in decision-making and encourage them to follow the evolution of your idea.

You can then provide a free body care for the prospect that has proposed an idea that you can adopt.

  • Remarketing :

This is a far more accurate way to conversion. Indeed remarketing is only interested in people who have already visited your website but have not register yet. Either because they could not decide for a treatment, or because they’ll return later. Whatever the reason is ,your prospect must not leave . Trace its path and send him an interesting offer in line with his research. Let him return to you and click on “book”.

Offer interesting content, involve your future customer and ensure that they feel that your spa centre has all the requirements to succeed think about the development of your site and the continuity of your Spa center and go to action!