User experience and the luxury world: What are the major challenges?

Luxury has to face great challenges. It takes place in every sector where beauty, pleasure and sophistication play the major role. Luxury encourages innovation, creative ideas and originality. The luxury marketers’ objective is to spread the consumer these experiences and feelings throughout the brand website. Today, we are talking about the 2.0 luxury which is interested in the user experience. It’s like a revolution in the luxury universe.

The luxury world of user experience: what characteristics?

As we all know, the followers of famous brand and luxury goods products have a range of connected devices, desktop, smart TV, Smartphone, tablet and Smart Watch. Each one is connected to its own dimensions and do not necessarily give the same sensation. But it still means that Internet users are always connected.

The specificity of the world of luxury lies in the design of their website which must be perfectly adapted to all types of screens and able to develop an architecture and graphic design that lines up perfectly with their charter and their brand image. You also need to be very specific about the security measures if your site allows online payment, Security must be guaranteed 100% to your customers.

The luxury world of user experience: what brakes?

Luxury brand fans appreciate the products from leading brands, are always demanding more services and increasing customization. They demand quality treatment in terms of reception and service. The user experience through the web allows to broadcast the same sensation in store. Simply in terms of reception of the luxury brand services, digital advancement still need much innovation to satisfy all the customer desires.

Although consumer behavior tells us that today 69% of luxury goods buyers conduct their research on the internet, only 9% of them buy online. It will therefore provide an excellent service shop. This is explained by the desire to touch and try the product and to be served by luxury professionals.

User experience for luxury: does every problem have a solution?

The most important thing to do to retain customers and acquire new ones is to respond to their demands, stand out from the competition and offer them a unique experience. This idea has enabled the creation of the web-to-store, the ultimate solution for luxury brands.

The goal is not to promote the user experience to emphasize the user to buy online, but the establishment of a real seduction operation to invite the client to make the purchase act in the shop. Through this strategy the luxury brands guarantee a unique user experience for its customers, a link between their web and shop and a traffic gain on both networks. Nevertheless, even if this technique is established by your luxury brand, it will let the users the ability to pay online.

Luxury user experience: on what axes should we focus?

In order to carry out its strategy and successfully optimizing its user experience, a luxury brand must:

  • Highlight all the necessary information to be able to geolocate your shops opening hours, conditions of home delivery …
  • Highlight your own services that differentiate you from your competitors, such as the “gift card” personalized offers “bespoke” or “the virtual fitting”.
  • Develop support services to the “call to action” decision. The service can be offered as an online advice, a virtual support or what is called the “wishlist”. Customers will have the opportunity to choose items online save them in a personal space in order to buy them later or order them in the shop.
  • Focus on exclusive sales or ultra customized flash sales techniques that can emphasize the visitor to take the act of buying directly online otherwise you have to think of putting up an e-booking system.

The main axes are oriented on a marketing strategy and customer comfort. But we know that the user experience is also the ergonomy and design of the site and especially the information presented on the home page.

For a luxury site, you have to work the visual side, very large images, a light menu and a refined architecture. It takes a creative line both attractive fluid but also artistic even poetic for certain categories of brands. Through optimizing their user experience, luxury brands also optimize their branding, brand image and also their reputation.

Whatever is your business sector, if you are a luxury brand or  a  highly renowned sign, it is time for you to promote your brand name across digital.