The E-influence power in the fashion industry

In 2015, 51% physical shop owners and online retailers have benefited from a positive impact of the virtual concerning physical appearance, according to a study by KPMG-Oxatis. At the time of 3.0 marketing, social networks play an indispensable role in the choice of new trends modes. It is now on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, essentially, that the bloggers choose new IT pieces!

Bloggers, fashion queens!

Whether you own a shop in Paris, or a site selling online, you should know that bloggers are now rain or shine regarding trends. Consumers expect more collections of fashion designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, they follow some Instagram accounts of bloggers to get up to date! The buyers are always looking for the latest fashion frenzy! Even if you offer a little cosmetic product, if you caused a buzz on the web, it’s won. One can take the example of sandals fur designed by the brand Céline. Despite the concept a bit strange, and lack of aesthetics, this product has been tweeted and retweeted, then instagramed before landed on Facebook… All thanks to bloggers. Sales of these sandals have exploded! I hope you understand therefore the challenge to integrate one or more bloggers in your digital marketing strategy. This is a key point that allows you to treat your online reputation and increase your sales.

How to choose your blogger?

To help you position yourself on the canvas you have to choose one or more allies. The fashion bloggers are usually women, but nothing prevents you from taking male boards. Be careful, on the Internet everyone can become fashion blogger, so follow these tips. To choose your bloggers you should analyze your target. Once you know your target you will know to whom you please. Analyze the audience of bloggers and community. If it matches your target, it’s perfect, match point! To attract the bloggers you should offer them a partnership. Often they are passionate people, beyond the financial aspect you have to convince them with your product. Offer them freebies and gifts for each publication. Encourage them to wear your clothes, or post pictures of staging your products. You should know that bloggers are in high demand. Their reputation is very important. So you have to build on the benefits of your product. The bloggers will be for you a line of communication allowing you to build your reputation on social networks.

Finally, develop your influence on the Internet thanks to bloggers will strengthen your image, and you will expand your target. Partnerships with bloggers are part of a social media. If you want more information you can contact Eminence, our community managers can help you by offering various services:

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