Master easter marketing and maximize sales in DACH region

  •   14 March 2024

Table of Contents Introduction Maximizing Easter Marketing Trends: A Data-Driven Approach to Digital Marketing in the DACH Market As Easter approaches, the DACH market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) is all set to capitalize on increased consumer demand with Easter Marketing campaigns. This can be done by leveraging emerging consumer trends based on data-driven strategies to optimize […]

How to Refine Your Content Strategy in F&B, Beauty, Fashion, & Finance

2024 Trends: Refine Content Strategy in F&B, Beauty, Fashion

  •   1 March 2024

Table of Contents In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of emerging trends is essential for maximizing ROI and achieving business objectives with a carefully crafted content strategy that catches the attention of your target audiences. At Eminence with our Pinterest Partnership, we’re able to anticipate the next big waves in across multiple […]

E-commerce in Switzerland:

E-commerce in Switzerland: A market with great potential 

  •   7 February 2024

Table of Contents Today, everything is accessible on the Internet: buying tickets for a show, shopping online, booking a trip, looking for a job, etc. E-commerce is a sector that continues to develop in Switzerland, opening up new possibilities and opportunities for companies. Indeed, with the democratization of the Internet, brands are extending their activity on the web to meet the growing expectations and demands of their consumers.   […]

E-commerce disrupts the codes of luxury

E-commerce disrupts the codes of luxury

  •   6 February 2024

Table of Contents The luxury market has been among the most resistant to shifting to online shopping. Although e-commerce has been booming for years, many luxury brands have feared losing their prestige if they moved to the Internet. However, COVID-19 gave them a reason to reconsider this position. Find out in this article how the […]

La beauté : un secteur en pleine révolution digitale

How digital marketing boosts e-commerce and brand industry

  •   5 February 2024

Table of content The beauty industry has always been at the forefront of innovation and reinvention in e-commerce, and this year was no exception. To keep up with changing consumer shopping habits, brands in the beauty and skincare industry need to take an omnichannel approach more than ever and use all available digital touchpoints to […]