Google Helpful Content

Google Helpful Content SEO: Maximize Your Online Visibility!

  •   23 November 2023

Table of contents One of the major challenges for marketing teams is to ensure that their content is not only well-ranked in search engines but also meets the needs of their audiences, to foster the organic ranking of their business. This is the whole challenge of Google Helpful Content SEO, Google’s algorithm that relies on users’ […]

how to make a website more accessible and inclusive

Web Accessibility: how to make a website more accessible and inclusive?

  •   9 November 2023

Table of contents When we talk about accessibility, we tend to spontaneously associate this concept with the physical accessibility of a place. However, this notion also concerns access to information, particularly through the web, from which certain audiences can be excluded when a website or digital tools are not designed taking into account their potential difficulties. […]

How to Calculate the ROI of Your Marketing Campaign?

How to Calculate the ROI of Your Marketing Campaign?

  •   2 November 2023

Marketing is a constantly changing field where every choice has significant implications and requires justification. In this dynamic landscape, evaluating performance is essential for success. Return on Investment, commonly known as ROI, is a vital metric in both marketing and the broader business context. It evaluates the efficiency and profitability of an investment or expenditure. Specifically, in […]

Digital Advertising for NGO

Digital Advertising for NGOs: Maximize your Impact and change the world

  •   20 October 2023

In an era where technology is rapidly reshaping our world, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are increasingly turning to digital marketing to champion their causes, mobilize resources, and create a positive impact in society.  Digital marketing offers a diverse array of opportunities for NGOs, empowering them to connect with a global audience, gather funds more efficiently, and […]

15 ans eminence

15 years of Eminence: Interview with Wajdi Baccouche

  •   6 October 2023

Your Eminence agency celebrates its 15th anniversary this month… A great opportunity to take stock and retrace your journey together, share the lessons you have learned, the encounters that have left their mark on you, and the events that have marked these past 15 years. Ready for a dive into your world? Yes, of course, […]