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Eminence, your partner in Geneva specialized in SALESmanago

Eminence, your marketing automation specialist and SALESmanago partner in Geneva

Emailing is one of the main axes of digital marketing, it allows you to keep your target audience informed about your new products and latest news. A good digital marketing and emailing strategy can help you to increase your brand awareness, lead generation, and customer retention.

Eminence can help you in this important step to strengthen your relationship with your customers and can also assist you in identifying new business opportunities. We can take care of the entire management of your email marketing strategy.

Our marketing and content strategy experts are available to advise you on which direction to take so that you can optimally target your audience and convert your prospects. To create the most effective email marketing campaign, our experts can help you to create attractive and eye-catching visuals, personalized and tailored content, and manage your mailings and follow-up.

Using powerful tools such as Hubspot and SALESmanago, marketing automation is a strategy that allows you to execute and manage your marketing communication in an automated way while addressing your target audience in a personalized manner.  In short, we replace your manual sales processes with an automated and personalized process tailored that corresponds to each of your potential customers. It is also the tool by excellence that collects information on your prospects (Lead Generation) and proposes a fully automated offer to each of your customers.

Hubspot and SALESmanago allow you to create personalized scenarios based on your Buyer Journey and your conversion tunnels. Marketing Automation saves you valuable time while improving the user experience and customer relationship.

SALESmanago is considered one of the leaders in the field of marketing automation in Europe. Its client list includes companies such as Starbucks, Yves Rocher, and Victoria Secret to name a few. This platform is designed to give you all the tools and information you need to create and launch marketing campaigns and provide better customer service.

You can also do email marketing with SALESmanago, which consists of sending an email to a list of contacts. It usually serves a fairly broad purpose, such as announcing promotions, new products, sending news content via a newsletter, or performing marketing automation. Therefore, it is about sending timely automated messages that are individually calibrated to each user, depending on their progress in the customer journey.

Do you want to implement a powerful automation strategy and reach your business goals?

How does Eminence help you to automate your email marketing campaigns?

Here are the 4 steps of our marketing automation strategy:

  1. Identify your contacts: To create a targeted communication, you will need to know who your contacts are. By setting up tracking codes on your website, you will be able to identify your visitors and then create personalized scenarios.
  2. Tracking your contacts: Once you have identified the contacts on your site, you can track their actions to better understand them. There are several different types of monitoring, including:
    • Pageviews tracking
    • Tracking of forms
    • Monitoring of important links on your site

    We can then construct segmentation using specific mailing lists based on actions, lead scores, demographics, and attributes to improve your open and click-through rates, personalize your customer relationships, and verify the effectiveness of different marketing strategies.

  3. Building custom scenarios: All the information collected via the tracking codes will be used to create customized mailing scenarios. Every scenario has a “starting point” which is what will trigger the scenario. For example, the entry point can be the registration of a new contact on your site or the addition of a product to the shopping cart. Once one of your contacts has entered one of the scenarios that you have programmed, it will unfold either in a linear fashion or according to implication connectors (“if/then”) that will separate it into two branches that can branch out in turn. Two types of conditions will trigger a scenario to unfold:
  4. Identity: these conditions use the information collected in your user database. For example, sending an email on your contacts’ birthday.
  5. Behavior: this corresponds to a certain type of behavior or action (action on your site, opening an email, etc.). For example, you can send an invitation to a private sale to customers who have purchased at least 3 products in the last 6 months.

Depending on the result of each condition (yes or no), different actions can be triggered for each contact:

  • Sending them an automatic message
  • Adding them to a new email list
  • Attributing points to them as part of your lead scoring

We can also incorporate the timings and delays of your choice for each of the different scenarios.

  • Monitoring your automation strategy: Once these scenarios are set up, your marketing campaigns will be generated automatically and the follow-up of users will appear on the platform directly from their email. We will help you monitor the performance of your campaigns, check that your KPIs are being met, and analyze the behavior of your contacts to see if a strategic change should be made or not. In summary, our automation process will allow you to qualify your prospects and engage with them through highly personalized content. Email campaigns will be tailored to your customers’ needs based on their level of engagement.

Are you interested in an automated marketing approach?

Why choose Eminence to implement your marketing automation solution?

To optimize your email opening rate, we can create emails that are adapted to different formats and email software. We can integrate a responsive design approach so that they can be viewed on all types of devices.

This technique allows you to:

  • Generate more contacts, prospects, and customers
  • Qualify and prioritize your prospects
  • Move your prospects through the sales funnel
  • Automatically manage all your email marketing campaigns
  • Automatically personalize your communications
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Segment your prospects according to their behavior and interests
  • Use the right tools to acquire new leads
  • Optimize your campaigns by using powerful testing tools
  • Demonstrate your expertise through the delivery of quality content
  • Create performance reports to track your ROI in real-time

We can help you automate repetitive tasks based on predefined conditions: lead qualification, abandoned cart recovery, etc. Our scenarios are programmed from an entry point that filters contacts and is designed to push the contact to perform an action.

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