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Eminence, your web development partner in Geneva

It is important for a company to be present on as many digital platforms as possible in order to reach a broad audience. This requires the creation of a relevant website that meets user expectations and integrates the latest technologies to facilitate navigation and “user experience” (UX).

To be memorable, your website must adhere to the best marketing practices to get people to engage with you. Here are a few techniques:

  • Simplify your user’s online journey thanks to user experience tools
  • Organize information in a simple way to ensure smooth navigation between website pages
  • Put in place an effective call-to-action strategy
  • Develop graphic elements to streamline the search process on the website

Whether you want to sell, inform, recruit, communicate or hire, Eminence’s web development agency can help you to create and adapt your website in alignment with your business objectives. This will help your business to improve its online presence and build brand awareness. We use the latest technology to help your business stand out in a world where digital innovation continues to evolve.

Our experts can support you in the creation of:

  • Your websiteWhether it is a basic or more advanced website, we can help you to develop a web platform that showcases your business and can thus attract customers and prospects.
  • Your e-commerce websiteDeveloping your online sales activity will help you to boost your business while broadening your scope. Our developers can build a tailor-made e-commerce platform for you, by integrating the best digital practices that, in turn, can contribute to generating a positive Return on Investment (ROI) for your business.
  • Your mobile applicationAs nowadays we always have our smartphones and tablets close at hand, it makes sense to invest in the development of a mobile application.
  • An attractive web designIn order to combine user experience, responsive design and graphics, our web designers can help you to take care of the visual aspect of your website. The design of your site is very important, for it reflects your graphic identity and your brand’s positioning. It is an essential element that facilitates navigation and encourages users to take action online.

Do you want to develop an efficient web platform and achieve your business goals?

How can Eminence help you?


After performing all the checks on your website’s current architecture, navigation plan, UX, source codes, etc., we will be able to judge whether a redesign of your website is necessary. If it is, we can help you to find the best solutions based on your business objectives.


Our strategy is to help you to make your website efficient, while respecting the best practices for user experience. We will help you to define the objectives of your website and link them to the strategic and business objectives of your company. We will develop a project plan to help you achieve these objectives and increase your return on investment. This strategy will lay the foundation of the development of your website. Our goal is to create an effective website that allows prospects to remember your brand and leads them to action.


This method helps us assess the performance of your competitors’ digital platforms. We take a look at all their online channels and assess their user experience performance, including: design, CRM, content, website navigation, online trust elements and social media platforms. Based on this competitive analysis and benchmarking, we will be able to recommend the best practices for your sector. We will also analyse web design trends in your industry.


Together, we can then select what are your unique selling points that meet your target audiences’ expectations. Your unique value proposition that differentiates you from both a user interface point of view and a design point of view. The aim is for your brand to instil trust in its user. To establish this, we can help to provide you with a complete and coherent website that assembles your digital content. The benchmark will help us to differentiate your offer and your content.


We will create detailed profiles of your clients to “humanize” your website users; to understand their behaviour, interests, demands, motivations and backgrounds. This will determine how we will structure the site map and navigation plan. These personas will greatly help in structuring the content and marketing messages present on your website.


Before starting the creation of the site map and the web site’s structure (“tree structure”), it is important to define the key performance indicators (KPIs). This will help us to measure the success of your digital efforts. Common KPIs include brand awareness, consideration and purchase intention.


We then look at which Content Management System (CMS) you would prefer to use. The choice will depend on your business goals, budget and the size of your website. For a simple website or blog, WordPress might be the best choice for example. However, for a more complex and personalized website, that requires scalability and a structured organization of content, Drupal could be a better option. Whilst WooCommerce is a good option for an e-commerce website.


To offer a coherent and intuitive digital platform to your users, we will help you to build an efficient “tree structure” of your site. We will also create a site map, a menu and website content that is in line with the expectations of your target audiences.


We will propose a website design that is in accordance with your brand identity and your values. This will contribute to the credibility to your messages and make your brand easily recognizable.


Once the content is created, we will integrate it with the images and all the graphic elements on your new website. We will help you to make sure that the SEO rules are respected when writing your pages. We will also install all the available site extensions and updates for your new website.


Defining a website maintenance and security plan helps you to keep your website safe, up-to-date and functional. We offer support for everything related to site maintenance, backups and security services. With routine inspections, our web developers will take note of any website problems or slowdowns that can be corrected. We are immediately available to rectify them in order to avoid an interruption of service.

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Why choose Eminence?

We can offer you a proven solution to help you to manage your project, tasks, time, deliverables and integration through our agile Scrum methodology and the Jira tool. This collaborative method allows us to plan, monitor and deliver development projects in a timely manner. We recommend it because all the teams and stakeholders in your project will be able to work together in one place.

Our goal: efficiency and customer satisfaction.

At Eminence, we support our customers until the end of their website projects, that is to say well beyond the delivery of the site. Our website experts do routine maintenance checks to help ensure that you have an operational site without anomalies or errors. We can also update it regularly (site extensions, plugins, cache cleaning, etc.) and fix any possible security threats (technical bugs, compatibility issues, etc.). Our development specialists will also provide you with a detailed Back Office training and user guide to allow you to modify your website independently.

To carry out your project successfully, we assign you a full team of digital experts, consisting of developers, strategists, designers and “product owners” so that you can receive a deliverable of quality, deriving from your global business strategy. Our talents are certified in Scrum and Agile methods (Jira, Confluence), and use the latest Dev tools and languages ​​(HTML code, CSS code, Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce) to develop your web platforms.

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