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To improve your website quality and increase your conversion rate, it is important to identify why some of your website visitors leave your site without taking action or finalizing a purchase. It is also important to understand when and why other website visitors take action and get converted into customers. Indeed, understanding your users will allow you to launch effective advertising campaigns that target the right audiences with personalized messages.

Eminence, your digital marketing agency in Geneva, uses Tracking Technology Tools to collect key information about the online behaviors of your website visitors. This data is then analyzed by our teams to identify the actions of Internet users, to understand what they are looking for on your website. This essential information will enable us to help you improve your website quality, and meet your website visitors’ expectations.

To do this, we use the following Tracking Tools:

  • Adobe Analytics: this solution allows us to make accurate analyses in real-time to perform a specific segmentation for all your marketing channels. We can identify your audiences and make informed recommendations based on customer intelligence. We offer you the opportunity to implement targeted marketing actions that take into account your most important and relevant customer data.
  • Adobe Tag Manager: this tool makes it easy and quick to manage tags. We can deliver responsive content, tailored to every user. It also allows for the responsive delivery of user-specific content, providing greater agility and control for businesses that want to succeed in a rapidly changing digital environment. Adobe Tag Manager gives us incredible flexibility to implement and optimize digital experiences. It provides tag management solutions for deploying code, managing data, and building rules. It also includes an intuitive functionality to create marketing scenarios, and optimize customer experiences.
  • Google Tag Manager: this is a tool that allows us to manage the different tracking tags without modifying or altering the source code of your site. We can quickly and safely add a small segment of Tag Manager code to your web pages. Tags are HTML and JavaScript snippets that allow us to improve your website functionality. Google Tag Manager is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that enables us to track user behavior on your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages, as well as on your promoted campaigns and website.
  • Google Analytics 4: we can add a small segment of JavaScript tracking code to each page of your website (via Google Tag Manager). Every time a user visits a webpage, the tracking code collects anonymous information about the user behavior on this webpage. Eminence, your strategic and tracking agency in Geneva, provides you with a team of experts in Web Analytics. We help you define the most relevant Web Analytics strategy to drive traffic to your website and generate a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Our Google Analytics experts assist you in all your digital needs.

Thus, Website Tracking allows us to track users’ behaviors on a website and mobile app. We can analyze user behaviors when they are exposed to advertisements or when they receive an email marketing campaign and overall browsing behavior. This can help you to derive a defined profile, analyze exposure and reactions to advertisements, as well as the reactions and actions of an Internet user following the reception of a marketing e-mail.

Eminence, your Digital Tracking Agency in Geneva, helps you to identify and understand the behavior of your website visitors.

Depending on your business objectives and the channels used by your company, our experts will establish a tracking plan in which we will jointly decide which pages and events we should track and how so that the privacy of Internet users and the confidentiality of your data are respected. Our tracking plan is malleable so it can be adapted to website changes and updates.

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How does Eminence implement an effective tracking plan for your business?

Website Tracking enables us to track and analyze Internet users’ reactions and actions when they are exposed to an advertisement or marketing message (email, advertising banner, etc.). It also allows us to gather data on when they surf a website and their online behavior (from entry page to navigation path and exit page). By having a well-setup Tracking Plan, we can help you to effectively launch personalized advertising campaigns.

Defining your KPIs is a crucial step to implementing a successful Tracking Plan. Thus, it is important to choose them wisely. Relevant KPIs will allow you to measure the performance of your different digital platforms.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the types of key performance indicators we can track:

Corporate KPIs:

  • Website traffic
  • Customer engagement
  • Conversion rate

Content KPIs:

  • Tracking user behaviors
  • Brand awareness
  • Analyzing the impact of social media on helping you to achieve your strategic objectives
  • Measuring the performances of your social media platforms
  • Measuring the performances of your email marketing plan
  • Return On Investment (ROI)

Our process for implementing a tracking plan:

  1. Administrative Set-Up
    We effectively set up your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager account to ensure that the data collected is always reliable. It is indeed necessary to have a coherent, effective account structure from the start to lay a strong foundation (this includes a solid account setup, ensuring data ownership, and having a full overview of all your data).
  2. Identifying Business Objectives and Tracking Events
    Defining objectives and tracking events are also crucial steps. We help you to identify your business objectives and the purpose of each event that will be tracked. How? We brainstorm together to identify and prioritize your business objectives as well as to define the most relevant KPIs for your business. The KPIs will allow us to effectively analyze the performance of your website and online advertising campaigns.
  3. Audiences Segmentation
    Google Analytics helps us analyze and identify different audience segments to better understand your online users. This segmentation enables us to define user behaviors and identify the relevant content that engages them to target the right audiences through personalized advertising campaigns. We can help you to define the desired behaviors and the content priorities to be put in place. For this, it is necessary to determine which goal corresponds to which audience and how to interest the defined target audience segments.
  4. Structuring Data Sources
    When you collect and track data from diverse digital platforms, Eminence can help you to effectively configure your campaigns (campaign nomenclature) so that they are well structured for performance reports.
  5. Dashboards and Reports
    We create personalized reports and dashboards that track key events on your web pages and measure the performances of your website.

Are you interested in developing a tracking plan for your company?

Why should you choose Eminence for your Website Tracking?

To help you make the right decisions to improve your website traffic, you need to set clear and consistent goals. If you want to increase your brand awareness, improve your conversion rate or increase the number of sales, your Analytics objectives must be in line with the end goal. As your partner, we can help you in this important step.

Tracking codes must be well implemented by our specialists on your website to gather essential data. This will allow us to have a global vision of the traffic generated by the different channels and to set up a real omnichannel acquisition strategy. You will have access to a personalized dashboard to allow you to have an overview of the data that interests you and to be able to analyze your performance in real-time.

By leveraging the data collected, we can help you to develop the right digital communication strategy and optimize your online advertising campaigns. From the key insights gathered you can tailor your messages to your website users based on their behavior. Thus, this can help you to generate leads and convert them into customers.

Powerful Technology Tracking Tools will enable you to understand your audience better and offer them a real-time personalized online experience.

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