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Eminence, your e-commerce website partner in Geneva

Our e-commerce experts help you create a website to fulfill 2 main objectives:

  • Boost your business turnover through your online sales site
  • Obtain a satisfactory ROI thanks to a profitable e-commerce store

To reach these goals, we offer quality strategic support as well as expertise in e-commerce platform development. As a strategic marketing agency, Eminence will set up an e-commerce strategy for you that respects your overall marketing strategy, your business plan, as well as your business strategy. Our strategic support includes an analysis of the market and the competition in order to best position you in a competitive environment.

Our developers are specialized in Prestashop, WooCommerce, Magento, and Drupal CMS which are specifically geared for online sales platforms. Note that these open-source CMS are easily adaptable and can meet all your business needs and expectations.

Our team consists of talented developers, creative web designers, SEO experts, and experienced strategists who will support you in setting up a Mobile-First approach which is becoming a must in the creation of an e-commerce site. This consists in designing a site geared to mobiles which can then be adapted to desktop or larger screens. A Mobile-First approach requires significant technical and strategic resources. For some companies, setting up Mobile-First on their website is essential in attracting customers. Our specialists will provide you with an optimal and responsive website that can be adapted to all types of screens.

Do you want to develop a successful e-commerce site and achieve your business objectives?

How does Eminence develop your merchant site?

To develop your e-commerce website, you have to think, among other things, of the layout of your content, the navigation path between your pages, a secure payment system, a design representative of your brand, a communication policy, etc.

The development of your e-commerce site will be done in several key stages:

    The first step is a strategic thinking stage aimed at defining your business objectives in order to define your digital KPIs. We will determine the optimal navigation tunnel that will convert your prospects into customers. This tunnel will allow us to follow each step of the funnel process to the end result and study user behavior to improve the conversion rate on your future site.
    Together we will work to establish and validate the specifications. The functional specification document will contain all the information about your project as well as a summary of all the tasks that Eminence will be required to perform to successfully develop your website. It will allow us to oversee the entire development process of your e-commerce site. This document will be shared with all project stakeholders to ensure that it is respected.
    This step consists of creating a wireframe for each important page of the site (Home page, product page, contact page, etc.) so that you can see how the content will be organized. Our aim is to provide an intuitive user experience in order to attract and convert Internet users.
    Once the wireframes have been validated, you will need to provide us with the site content. We can offer advice on how to write the pages so that they are consistent with your market and positioning.
    We will then create models so that you can visualize the design of your future site. This will reflect your image and your positioning. It will allow your Internet users to recognize and remember your brand thanks to its graphic style.
    This step consists in developing and deploying your e-commerce site on the internet. Prepared content, as well as graphic elements, will be integrated into the CMS to deliver a functional and operational site that respects all the choices made since the start of the project. To do so, we use APIs (Application Programming Interface) which are an efficient way to communicate between two applications. They create a common language enabling different applications, which are not programmed in the same language and are not located in the same place, to dialogue and exchange data. As there are several kinds, you will have to make a selection: mass emailing, mapping, sending SMS, storage, video, AdWords API (automatic campaigns from products), or affiliation APIs.
    Our SEO specialists will make sure that your e-commerce site meets natural referencing standards and criteria so that your site is visible and attractive on the web. We will implement an optimal tracking plan to allow you to measure and monitor your site’s performance. We want to help you to reach your business objectives and to do so, the digital KPIs set should be monitored and reported on a personalized dashboard.
    We will provide you with a turnkey user guide for your website so that you can modify the back office independently. We will also provide you with a maintenance and security plan to keep your site secure, up-to-date, and functional.

Are you interested in creating a website?

Why choose Eminence to create your e-commerce site?

Our agency integrates strategy and web development to offer you an e-commerce platform that will promote your company’s products through a site that encourages visitors to buy.

To understand the behavior of your visitors, it is important to have tools dedicated to reporting and analyzing the data collected. This will also provide valuable information for understanding the purchasing process and potential obstacles. Such a level of data will allow us to adapt your strategy and optimize the user experience to maximize the conversion rate of your site.

We also implement product SEO automation so that you can manage your product catalog independently, without having to worry about its proper indexing.

The e-commerce sites we set up offer many features to meet your expectations and requirements. Depending on the e-commerce strategy defined at the start, we will help and advise you in choosing which features to implement on your platform.

The following features can be integrated into your online store:

  • Cross-Selling Strategy
  • Up-Selling Strategy
  • Multilingual shop
  • Secure online payment system
  • E-mailing strategy (newsletter, purchase support, abandoned cart relaunch, promotions, etc.)
  • Loyalty system
  • Video presentation of your products
  • Secure customer accounts

We recommend Woocommerce, which is the most customizable open-source plugin for business transactions. For your transactional needs, we can integrate several Woocommerce transactional plugins and APIs into your main CMS environment. This CMS gives us great flexibility, access to hundreds of plugins, and full control of your site. Built with a REST API, WooCommerce can integrate with virtually any service. Your store data is accessible anywhere, at any time, and in a 100% secure manner. Whatever the size of your online store, we will adapt your Woocommerce CMS to your needs and those of your customers.

Should you want to expand, we can implement an international SEO strategy to allow you to stand out in your targeted market.

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