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All activities related to the distribution of paid ads on social media, via Social Ads platform (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads). 

What are the benefits of a social media strategy?

A well-executed social media strategy, whether organic or paid, is essential for businesses today.

Furthermore, a strategic social media marketing plan can help to drive targeted and high-quality traffic to your website.

Social media platforms provide an ideal ecosystem for increasing your company's visibility and strengthening brand awareness among potential customers. They are effective instruments for enhancing online customer engagement and promoting your brand image.

But their benefits don't stop there, while nearly 60% of the world’s population is active on at least one social network. Let's explore what they can bring to your company.

To generate traffic, it's important to regularly update your brand's social media feeds with audience-appropriate content to help increase your website's visibility.

However, attracting targeted traffic to your site through social media and content is not enough. Your website must be optimized to naturally guide visitors through the conversion process.

Social media platforms are also a valuable source of information, in both B2C and B2B contexts. By interacting with you, your customers provide key data that should be taken into account when making strategic decisions, such as:

  • Improve existing products and services
  • Encourage innovation
  • Identify potential needs
  • Respond to customer needs and expectations

Being present on social media is an excellent opportunity to better understand your customers and their expectations, giving you a competitive edge.

How to Implement a Social Media Strategy?

Integrating a social media presence into your marketing strategy can be challenging, because you need to use it effectively. There are multiple social media platforms available, and it's important to carefully select them based on several factors, incliuding:
  • Their ability to provide good visibility, engagement, and long-term conversion potential.
  • Their fit with the values and brand image you want to convey.
  • The profile of their audience and its relevance to who you're targeting.
  • The return on investment the platform has to offer.
If your offer is aimed at different personas, you'll need to adapt your content to suit the unique characteristics of each platform. Underestimating the time required to implement an organic social media strategy is common. It involves in-depth work and analysis across four main themes:

Paid social media in focus

To save time and gain immediate visibility, you can opt for a paid social media strategy, which involves setting up paid advertising campaigns on the social media platforms that your target audience visits.

The goal is not only to reach the right audience and build brand awareness, but also to help you to:

  • Increase your brand's visibility and awareness of your products and services.
  • Boost app downloads.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Generate sales for your online e-commerce store.
  • Encourage traffic to your physical stores.

What's more, since users have to be logged on to these platforms, you can achieve precise targeting in compliance with third-party data regulations.

What are the different options available for paid advertising on social media?

When implementing a digital strategy focused on social media, several factors can help you reach your objectives, such as:

  • Setting clear and specific goals: Use the SMART method to define your goals so you can assess the effectiveness of your strategy.
  • Having an in-depth understanding of your target audience: When you understand your audience you can create relevant, tailored content and adopt the right tone of voice and approach.
  • Selecting the most suitable platforms: Choose social media platforms that best align with your target audience and objectives.
  • Engaging and interacting regularly: Interact with your audience to build brand loyalty through comment responses, soliciting their opinions, creating polls, etc.
  • Having a consistent editorial plan: Provide regular and high-quality content, using various formats such as articles, images, videos, and infographics, to enhance brand recognition and engage your audience.

A social media community is a group of people who come together around a common interest. By listening to and engaging with their audience, brands can ensure that their customers actively participate in conversations on their digital platforms, creating a sense of belonging.


Therefore, to stand out on social media, it is essential to regularly animate your social pages, create relevant and tailored content for each network, and build your online community.

What are the key steps needed to create A sucessful social media strategy?

Step 1: Social Media Audit

  • Analysis of your social networks
  • Identification of areas for improvement

This stage involves understanding your brand's positioning in the marketplace, its ethos, DNA, and ambition as a company. Our aim is to identify your value proposition and your unique points of differentiation so that we can leverage them in our communication actions.

To do this, we will focus on:

  • Market overview : key trends and the role of social media in your industry.
  • Your target audience: focus on consumer expectations.  
  • Your social media: activity, pace, strategy, formats and content. 
  • Your social media advertising account: tracking configuration, targeting settings, ad delivery, and performance. 

This will enable us to pinpoint any immediate adjustments that need to be made to your strategy, and to advise you on your overall vision of paid social media in order to achieve long-term goals. 

Step 2: Competitive Landscape and Benchmark

    • Competitive benchmarking 
    • Determine relevant best practices 

    For any strategy, a comparative analysis is required, based on a study of your main competitors' social media advertising, with particular attention paid to: 

    • The content they publish, their tone of voice, and communication focus. 
    • Their advertising investments and interactions with their audiences. 
    • The platforms they use. 
    • Their target audiences. 
    • Their strengths and weaknesses. 

Step 3: Strategy development

    • The selection of relevant social networks and market positioning 
    • The development of your social media content plan  

    Together, we will define the marketing and business objectives, as well as the framework for your social media strategy based on the insights gained from the first two steps. This will include the following: 

    • The selection of relevant social media platforms. 
    • A clear establishment of your brand positioning and communication focus. 
    • The creation of personas to help define the tone and communication messages for your different target audiences. 
    • A proposal for a customized media plan for each platform, with specific content recommendations and publication frequency. 
    • The definition of KPIs to measure your performance and the achievement of your objectives. 

Step 4: A Customized Media Plan 

  • A clearly defined monthly media plan 
  • The creation of publications based on objectives 

Our social media agency offers a carefully crafted content strategy tailored to the objectives you wish to achieve, whether it's to build brand awareness, increase consideration, or drive conversions. 

Together, we will look at: 

  • The different types of formats to use each month and the key content themes. 
  • The types of content to publish, such as informative, entertaining, social, promotional, commercial content, etc. 
types of content

Next, we proceed to create the copywriting and design for each post, and then assist you in adapting your media plan and creating ads that align with your objectives for paid advertising on social media. 

Combine Social Paid and SEA for a winning strategy!  

Step 5: Monitoring and Reporting

    • Customized dashboard  
    • Ongoing optimizations 

    We implement reporting tools to track the specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that we have defined together. To ensure complete visibility of your social media advertising campaigns, we provide you with a personalized dashboard. 

    We continuously monitor your social media performance to deliver a detailed report that includes our observations, what worked or didn't work, and the current market trends. We share our recommendations and, as needed, adjust post scheduling and the social strategy while maximizing your return on ad spend (ROAS) with social media ads. 

avantage concurrentiel

The 2023 report by the Transnational Institute provides compelling evidence of the impact of social media on the success of businesses. With 81% of companies using social media to promote their products or services, it is clear that businesses recognize the relevance of these platforms. 

Furthermore, the report reveals that a majority of these companies report tangible benefits such as increased sales and improved customer service. 

The advantage: Our social media agency's expertise every step of the way

As an expert social media agency, we can help you navigate the endless possibilities offered by social media advertising, while understanding your sales funnel to help you define a concrete plan of action. 

Our Expertise 

  • In-depth knowledge of social media platforms  
  • Increase brand awareness and visibility 
  • Generate qualified leads through a targeted audience  
  • Audit and analysis of your current social media presence  
  • Performance monitoring, reporting and optimization

Our Added Value 

  • Comprehensive approach combining organic and paid strategies in SEO, SEA and social media for an effective multi-channel strategy.  
  • Continuous training on platform enhancements and updates  
  • Facebook Ads certifications   
  • Meta Partner status  
  • Development of landing pages