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This refers to all the strategies and techniques deployed to improve the ranking of a web page, website as well as a web application in the results page of a search engine. 

Why is it so important to work on your SEO and organic ranking? 

Did you know that 68% of online experiences start with search engines? Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or organic ranking, is crucial for any business, as it has a direct impact on your visibility in search engines and brings many benefits. 

With an effective SEO strategy, you can position your business optimally on search engines and foster long-term growth. 

Did you know? 

  • 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google searches, including Google Maps and Google Images. 
  • About 32% of all clicks are generated by the first result on Google. 
  • 49% of marketers believe that organic search has the highest return on investment among all marketing channels. 

Tips for an Effective Multilingual SEO Strategy

How to optimize your positioning with SEO?

While organic ranking may seem like a straightforward strategy, implementing it requires adherence to numerous criteria set by Google, long-term planning, and regular monitoring to stay aligned with your target audience's needs and ensure a good return on investment. To do this, you must: 

  • Ensure a clear site structure and user-friendly navigation. 
  • Provide high-quality and relevant content for users. 
  • Use appropriate HTML tags for headings, subheadings, and links. 
  • Optimize meta tags (titles, descriptions) for each page. 
  • Work on internal linking and backlinks. 

Google relies on over 200 factors to position your website! 

SEO Strategy - Optimizing McDonald's Switzerland Website in 3 Languages

As an expert SEO agency specializing in organic search, we are constantly updating our knowledge to advise you on the latest SEO optimizations required based on Google's algorithm updates, of which there are nearly 500 per year! 

The success of your SEO strategy depends on the combination of several key success factors:   

  • Temps de chargement rapide : les utilisateurs ont tendance à abandonner un site qui met du temps à charger. Optimisez les images, réduisez les scripts inutiles et utilisez la mise en cache pour améliorer les performances du site.  
  • Expérience mobile conviviale : assurez-vous que votre site est adapté aux mobiles et offre une expérience utilisateur agréable sur les appareils mobiles.   
  • Contenu de qualité : fournissez un contenu informatif, pertinent et bien structuré qui répond aux besoins des utilisateurs.   
  • Convivialité et navigation intuitive : rendez votre site facile à utiliser et à naviguer, en veillant à ce que les utilisateurs trouvent rapidement l'information qu'ils recherchent.   
  • Analyse et suivi : utilisez des outils d'analyse web pour suivre les performances de votre site, identifier les problèmes et apporter des améliorations constantes. 

We recommend that our customers explore the various tools created by Google to facilitate user searches: Voice Search, Lens, Local Search, Discover... These are all ways in which you can position yourself using written, audio and video content to improve your organic SEO! 

How Google Tools Can Improve Your SEO Positioning?

Key Steps in an SEO Strategy to Improve Your Organic Ranking

Step 1: Market and Competitor Analysis 

  • Trends in keyword searches related to your business 
  • Positioning of your company compared to competitors 

We start by studying your industry, analyzing your competitors and their positioning to identify keyword search trends in your business environment. 

Using our SEO tools, we can search for frequent queries from your target audience and know their monthly search volumes. We pay particular attention to: 

  • Keywords, as well as long-tail phrases, which are less searched but convert 70% better than generic keywords. 
  • Frequently asked questions to understand all searches made with your keywords. 
  • Related searches to generate content ideas. 

Step 2: SEO Audit of Your Website 

  • Comprehensive SEO analysis of your website 
  • Recommendations for optimizations 

To develop your SEO content strategy based on your audience and define future actions, we verify: 

  • Technical, semantic, UX, and backlink aspects of your site's SEO. 
  • Keywords used to arrive at your site. 
  • Your positioning on search engines. 

This comprehensive SEO audit of your website enables our specialized experts to identify the pages to optimize and the qualitative keywords to target. We then provide you with a concrete action plan to help boost your search engine rankings. 

Step 3: Definition of SEO KPIs 

  • Identification of key performance indicators  
  • Comparison with your competitors 

We work with you to define relevant SEO KPIs for your company, based on your business objectives, such as the number of organic visits, your Google ranking for priority keywords, click-through rate (CTR) per keyword, conversion rate and so on. 

We take into account data from your target competitors, as well as generally observed average values. 


Step 4: The Technical SEO Set up 

  • Correct any anomalies detected that are detrimental to SEO  
  • Optimize website to improve user experience 

We will implement an optimal SEO strategy that includes: 

  • Creating high-quality meta titles and descriptions that accurately represent the page content in search results. 
  • Adding structured data markup to describe your content to search engines, making it easier for them to understand what your pages contain. Search engines can use this information to display your content attractively in search results. 
  • Establishing a well-structured hierarchy for your pages to facilitate user navigation. URLs with relevant words for your site's content and structure are more user-friendly. We will optimize your images using HTML elements to help search engine bots find and process them. 
  • Creating a robots.txt file that we will place in the root directory of your site to block unwanted crawls. 
  • Adding a sitemap to inform search engines of added or modified pages. 
  • Implementing backlinks to obtain links from relevant and reliable websites, thereby improving your site's authority and popularity.  
  • Ensuring mobile compatibility, as Google takes responsiveness into account for organic rankings, especially given that 80% of Internet users browse on smartphones. 
  • Optimizing image sizes to enhance user experience and page loading speed. 

What are the key points to keep in mind for UI/UX and mobile design? 

Find Out More! 

Step 5: Set up Semantic SEO 

  • Content creation and optimization 
  • Adhering to SEO rules 

Following the initial step, we determine whether new content needs to be created or existing pages need to be optimized and updated to provide content that aligns with your target audience's queries. 

The page content is written in accordance with SEO copywriting best practices: 

  • Keyword density and long-tail expressions. 
  • Sufficient text length, considering that organic search results ranking on the first page of Google typically contain an average of 1,447 words. 
  • Article and page structure. 
  • Inclusion of keywords in URLs, titles, and subtitles. 
  • Captions for images and videos. 
  • Character count for meta titles and descriptions. 
  • Addition of internal links to facilitate interlinking and netlinking. 

How CHUV Boosted its Presence in Local Search

Step 6: Monitoring and Reporting 

  • Monitored tracking of your SEO performance 
  • Recommendations for improvement 

We provide you with a monthly report containing KPIs, achieved objectives, and a thorough analysis of your SEO. This report summarizes the adjustments made during the past month, including error corrections, implementation of meta titles and descriptions, URL corrections and rewriting, image optimization, semantic corrections, structured data, and progress made in the backlink strategy. 

Based on this information, we offer recommendations for the upcoming month to improve your content, click-through rate (CTR), and bounce rate. 

avantage concurrentiel

SEO has a sustainable competitive advantage because once your organic ranking is optimized, it becomes very challenging for competitors to displace you. It's even better when it is maintained over time, as the reputation of your domain name continues to grow! 

We can also combine organic SEO with paid advertising, as using both types of SEO increases your chances of: 

  • Achieving a good website ranking. 
  • Increasing traffic to your website. 
  • Consequently, improving your sales volume. 

Going further

How to Optimize Internal Links and Improve Your SEO? 

Our Strength: the Expertise of Our SEO Agency at Every Stage

As an agency specializing in SEO strategy, we place great importance on organic search, because its quality helps you acquire traffic and customers. 

Our Expertise 

  • Keyword research and long-tail expressions 
  • SEO-focused copywriting 
  • Creation of high-performing meta tags 
  • Markup and structuring of your pages 
  • SEO positioning analysis 
  • Optimization your site to make it fast and secure 
  • Heatmap analysis to analyze user experience (UX) 

Our Value Added 

  • Expertise in search engine best practices 
  • Ongoing training on new rules and updates 
  • Technical and semantic SEO expertise 
  • SEMrush certifications 
  • SEO tools 
  • A dedicated team at your service 
  • Technical site audit