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SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on targeted advertising to quickly position a company on desired keywords and generate traffic through prominent placements in search engine results, usually in the paid section of Google Ads, for example.  

Why is SEA a smart investment?

SEA (Search Engine Advertising), also known as paid search, plays a crucial role in a company's digital marketing strategy. It provides a fast way to gain presence and visibility on search engines by purchasing keywords through the Google Ads platform. 

Implementing an SEA marketing strategy can bring many benefits, including increased traffic, sales growth and improved brand awareness. So, are you ready to explore the benefits an advertising strategy can bring to your business with our specialist SEA specialized agency? 

By adopting a paid strategy, you'll save valuable time while achieving more precise targeting and faster return on investment. Our mission is to help you build effective campaigns to generate more sales, qualified leads, and quality traffic to your website. 

Our digital agency specialized in SEA and Ads can help you choosing the most relevant strategy.  

Did you know? 

  • Paid ads attract 65% of clicks from users intending to make a purchase. 
  • The first 3 SEA ads on the first page of Google account for 40% of all clicks. 

4 effective strategies to target your audience. 

How to increase your sales with SEA?

50% of online conversions are generated through SEA campaign traffic! This impressive statistic highlights the undeniable value of adopting a paid search strategy to grow your business. 

Eminence, a Google Ads partner agency, specializes in managing global SEA campaigns through meticulous keyword research, helping you to improve your performance across the entire tunnel (CTR, conversion rate and ROI). 

Avesco Rent - SEA Strategy on the Search Network

Thanks to the Google Display Network, we can display your ads in various formats (text ads, animated ads, rich media ads, videos, etc.) to a wide range of people worldwide, using a variety of targeting methods. 

Your performance will be even more significant if you take the following aspects into account when developing your strategy: 

  • Ad Relevance: Your ads must be clear and relevant to users' expectations, and rank well for the targeted keywords. 
  • Landing Page Quality: Create high-quality landing pages that clearly display the information users are looking for. 
  • Conversion Optimization: Utilize conversion optimization strategies and improve usability to maximize the effectiveness of your ads. 
  • Performance Analysis and Tracking: Continuously measure your results to identify areas for improvement and adjust your strategy accordingly. 
  • Continuous Improvement: Test new approaches and ads, adjust keywords and bids, and optimize your campaigns based on the results obtained. 
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Paid search is characterized by sponsored links that generate short-term effects, significantly increasing traffic in the first few hours following the launch of your campaigns. 

Key steps in a SEA strategy to maximize visibility and conversions

Step 1. Audit of Your Current Performance 

  • Ad Analysis 
  • Identification of Improvement Opportunities 

Before implementing a new SEA strategy, it is important to understand what you have already established in terms of paid search through an audit of your current setup. 

To achieve this, we verify: 

  • The relevance of the keywords you are using 
  • The format and content of your ads 
  • The campaign settings you have selected 
  • The bidding methods employed 
  • The proper management and allocation of your online advertising budget 

Our goal is to ultimately achieve a good "quality score" to improve your favorability with Google. 

Step 2. Definition of Your Advertising Objectives 

  • Determination of Your Objectives 
  • Setting Your KPIs 

The implementation of a campaign depends on your business objectives and the characteristics of the target audience you want to reach. Defining an objective can help your campaign achieve a specific result more effectively. 

Depending on the objective you choose, we will propose ad features that align with your expectations, such as ad extensions. 

And when it comes to objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential! We work with you to define the KPIs that we will track over time to ensure the success of your advertising campaigns and make necessary adjustments. 

How to Set KPIs to Measure Your Performance? 

Step 3. Keyword Research 

  • Using SEO Tools 
  • Analyzing Search Volumes 

We utilize tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to study the most relevant keywords and long-tail expressions. 

We rely on search volumes in the targeted geographic area or over a specific period to obtain reliable and relevant queries. 

Step 4. Creation of Your Advertising Campaigns 

  • Ad Creation 
  • Structuring Advertising Ads into Groups 

We will develop a keyword and targeting strategy to help ensure that your ads and campaigns align with your business objectives. 

Campaign structuring mainly relies on organizing keywords at the ad group level. The grouping of each set of similar keywords is crucial for account organization and campaign efficiency. 

This organization gives you optimum control over your campaigns once they've been launched. 

Step 5. Definition of Targeting Parameters 

  • Socio-demographic Configuration 
  • Geographic and Interest Profiling 

We configure the targeting of your ads based on various criteria, including: 

  • Socio-demographic characteristics: age, gender, income, parental status, etc. 
  • Geographic location: from local to international 
  • Spoken language 
  • Interests 

It is important not to limit yourself to the geographic area where your business is located, as your ads may be intermittently displayed or not displayed at all. 

Step 6. Budget and Bidding Strategy Determination 

  • Determination of Ads Budget 
  • Choice of Bidding Strategy 

To optimize conversion volume and improve your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), we will implement an intelligent bidding strategy that enables a more effective return on investment based on your set budget. CPA is a tool that can help maximize your return on advertising spend (ROAS) by optimizing bids in real-time. 

With this strategy, you no longer need to manually adjust your bids to achieve your conversion goals. 

You can choose from different types of bidding, such as Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Mille Impressions (CPM). 

Discovering Google Ads Smart Campaigns

Step 7. Monitoring and Reporting of Results 

  • Tracking Ads Performance 
  • Analysis and Recommendations 

Our data and SEA experts continuously analyze the performance of your campaigns and keywords to make necessary adjustments to your CPC and ads. 

We focus optimizations on campaigns that offer the best performance-to-cost ratio by improving ad quality. Your budget is allocated optimally among campaigns to improve your KPIs (CTR, CPA, CPC, cost). 

We provide you with a detailed analysis of your KPIs in the form of a monthly report and offer recommendations for necessary adaptations. Every month, we will organize a meeting with you to determine which product or service should be highlighted in the following month, whether the budget needs revision, or if keywords need modification based on market trends. 

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SEA strategies are often combined with other techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Advertising (SMA) to form a comprehensive and balanced strategy. 

Our Advantage: the Expertise of Our SEA Agency at Every Step

As an agency specialized in SEA strategy, we can develop and manage your advertising campaigns via Google (Display, sponsored links). 

We also take care of your retargeting campaigns to encourage people who did not take action during their initial visit to your website to return and complete their purchase or contact you.  

Our Expertise  

  • Ads strategy creation 
  • Content creation 
  • Campaign monitoring and reporting 
  • Data tracking to measure ad performance 
  • Omnichannel expertise 

Our Added Value 

  • Social Media expertise 
  • In-depth knowledge of SEO to combine the two strategies for greater impact 
  • Google Ads partner 
  • Regular check-ins to make necessary adjustments