Digital Agency

We aim to achieve excellence in each of our projects, placing human interaction at the heart of our operations and continuously striving to be pioneers in our industry.

Right from the start, Wajdi has maintained a human-scale operation to ensure a close relationship with our customers, a concept he deeply appreciates and sees as the foundation of any lasting relationship. Over the past 15 years, Eminence has won the trust of more than 100 customers! 

The Best of the Web 2022 award in focus

We are particularly proud to have won the Best of the Web 2022 award in the Online Marketing and Business Efficiency category. This award honors the remarkable work of our teams and the excellent collaboration with our customer, McDonald's Switzerland, in the SEO migration of its website.

Our Expertise

We are experts in the key areas of digital and data analysis, enabling us to gain in-depth knowledge of your audiences and build an acquisition strategy aligned with your objectives.

We support our B2C and B2B customers in Switzerland and abroad, offering strategic and operational solutions to their digital challenges.

Are you looking to create or refresh a website to fuel your business growth?

Are you eager to enhance the user experience on desktop or mobile to boost your revenue?    

Are you wondering how to generate more traffic and leads on your website? 

Would you like to understand your visitors' profile and identify the main growth drivers?

Are you thinking of creating advertising campaigns to optimize your visibility or return on investment (ROI)?

Our digital agency can guide you through the evolution of your brand. Be it in crafting your marketing strategy, establishing your data ecosystem, conducting web analysis, initiating acquisition or loyalty campaigns, or designing a new website, we're here to support you.

Our team

Let’s get to know each other

A team of 20 talented people is at your service to carry out all your strategic and technical digital projects.

Our skills and certifications 

The digital sector is evolving rapidly, and we place great emphasis on the ongoing training of our team members. We keep up to date with the latest updates, high-potential digital tools and innovative technologies. Our knowledge is constantly updated to keep on top of the latest trends in the digital field. We have a wide range of certifications, including Meta, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google MyBusiness (Business Profile), Hubspot, Adobe Analytics, Salesmanago and more.

Our Principles and Values

Our Partners

Our Strengths: What Sets Us Apart 

Whether you're looking to raise awareness of your brand, gain visibility, increase leads, convert prospects into customers, build customer loyalty, or increase your return on investment (ROI), our team can provide you with the service you need.

In-house skills 

To ensure a consistent and precise level of quality, we have chosen to bring all the necessary skills in-house: project management, copywriting, SEO, SEA, website design and development. 

A multilingual team 

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, our digital agency has the human and linguistic resources to manage international projects, particularly in English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic. 

Passionate, expert team members 

Our team members are experts in their field, and are constantly updating their knowledge of digital best practices and innovative digital tools. The decision to internalize our resources requires investment, but it enables us to maintain our high standards and skills.  

A Partnership Relationship 

We strive to create a collaborative relationship with our customers, based on exchange, transparency and trust. Our priority is to advise and support you in your digital projects. 

What our clients say about us