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Eminence, your website partner in Geneva

Your website is at the heart of your digital strategy. Whatever the nature of your business, it is essential to have an effective and engaging website that attracts and convinces customers and prospects. Your website is sometimes the first interaction a user has with your business, which is why it must be adapted to their needs and keep up with the latest technological developments.

Our web developers are at the forefront of website design and user behaviour. We design your site with this factor in mind to make it as intuitive and easy to use as possible, so that the visitor will want to consult it.

Beyond the creation of your website, we also support you in the overall optimization of your site. Our team is made up of talented developers, creative web designers, SEO experts and seasoned strategists.

For some companies, implementing Mobile-First on their website is a must to attract customers. A Mobile-First approach requires significant technical and strategic resources. It must be responsive, and must adapt to all types of screens, like desktop, etc.

Do you want to develop a high-performance website and achieve your business objectives?

How does Eminence develop your website?


Before creating your site, we will analyse your business strategy and identify together the goals you want to achieve. For instance; are you looking for visibility? Do you want to generate traffic and get conversions? Only you can answer these kinds of questions, but we can guide you throughout the thought process.


To establish the specifications, we will work together on a Dev brief which must include all information necessary to carry out your development project. This information will serve to help design the future architecture of your site and to allow us to differentiate you from your competitors.


It is essential to write and sign a specification brief to supervise the project. It must be respected throughout the creation process and will be shared with all stakeholders. It will contain: the name of the project manager, a detailed presentation of the company (history, size, products, added value, positioning, etc.), the presentation of the project (objectives, context, expectations), a list of existing physical and interactive communication tools (logo, visual identity, brochures, display, POS, website, newsletter, social networks), the steering committee and their roles, the principale purposes of the site, the target audience and their characteristics, competing sites, specific project requirements, site map, content, functionalities, languages, expected services (graphic and editorial charter, content creation and retrieval, development, technical environment, hosting, referencing) and the provisional schedule.


We will create an intuitive navigation plan and wireframes adapted to your objectives, your area of activity, and the expectations of your target audience. Wireframes are structural mock-ups, which help to arrange the different elements of web pages on a single document. The idea is to properly layout the framework of the different pages to get a clear idea of ​​the user experience that will be created. This website structuring step is important because it will help establish a solid and effective organic SEO strategy to optimize your visibility on the web. The objective is to create a logical tree structure that allows us to move through the site, keeping in mind where we want the user to end up.


Once the structure of the pages is validated, you will send us the site content. We can assist you in drafting it if needed. Ideally, this step should be done internally so that the content fully reflects your positioning and the image you want to give to your products or services.


While wireframes will give you an overview of the way in which your pages are structured, mock-ups will allow you to visualize the design of your pages. The design of the site is essential, as it will reflect your graphic identity and your positioning. A good design will have a major impact on the first impression your customers will have. It will make it easy for your users to recognize your brand’s style. The models are representative of the final rendering of the site. Once the model has met your expectations and requirements, the next step will be to prepare the elements for web integration.


This step consists of the creation and development of your future site. Here we integrate the content and models that have been validated for deployment on the internet.


Before deploying your site on the web, we will do final checks and tests to ensure there are no technical issues or integration errors, and provide you with an operational and attractive site that will meet the expectations of your visitors and your business.


Eminence will set up an optimal SEO strategy so that your site meets the standards of SEO. Our objective is to make you visible on the web – an essential element in achieving your goals. In addition, we will measure the KPIs defined in the first step of the creation process in order to understand the online behaviour of your prospects and learn how to reach them. Thanks to our tracking plan you will be able to see the results and performance of your new site and make adjustments if needed.


Our development experts offer you a website that you can manage on your own. We can also offer you a maintenance service for your site including, among other things, updating information, security and plugins, various back-ups, and archiving of your data. Website maintenance and security plan are the perfect way to keep your website secure, up-to-date, and functional while respecting a pre-established budget.

Interested in creating a website?

Why choose Eminence to create your website?

As a digital marketing agency based in Geneva, Eminence is a key partner to help you design a website. We will increase the success of your business by designing a website visible on search engines. Our credo is to provide complete satisfaction with a high-performance website.

Thanks to our web development tools expertise and our wide CMS experience, we can design dynamic websites by associating PHP language with MySQL. PHP is a popular and universal scripting language which is particularly suitable, fast, flexible and pragmatic. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) supported by Oracle and based on SQL (Structured Query Language).

Using WordPress, we can create a website for you that has a modern design and optimize your pages:

  • Infinite customization and multiple possibilities for integrating design and functionalities
  • Software that can be modified at will
  • Recognized as one of the most effective CMS for SEO
  • Very good ergonomics
  • The themes are suitable for all types of screens, which facilitates the creation of a responsive site

Benefits of CMS developed by our experts:

  • Simplicity: rapid distribution and publication of your content
  • Flexibility: we can create the website you want, and enrich it with themes and plugins
  • User management: give different roles and access to the managers of your website
  • Media management: quickly and easily upload images, text and media to WordPress
  • Full compliance with standards such as those relating to GDPR or Google.

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