Digital Strategy

Promote to reach.

 Communications policy that involves identifying digital media,   

developing a strategic plan and implementing actions  

 to achieve its marketing and sales objectives. 

The essential role of a digital strategy in achieving objectives

In recent years, the growth of the Internet has been exponential, resulting in a spectacular proliferation of websites. As a result, the competitive landscape has shifted to online content, posts, views, channels, website clicks and purchases generated, both online and offline. 

As an integral part of a 360° global communications policy, a digital strategy is designed to ensure optimum online visibility for the company and its products. 

Consequently, being present and active on the Internet is no longer optional, as it has become consumers' first port of call when seeking information about a company (e-reputation) or a product or service. 

For those of you who still have doubts, here are some further reasons why implementing a digital marketing strategy is so important for your business: 

  • It is a guarantee of trust and visibility. 
  • It is a means of differentiation in the face of heightened competition. 
  • It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. 
  • It offers the potential for additional online services: chatbots, quotes, reservations, etc. 
  • It allows you to broaden your audience through search engine optimization (SEO), search engine optimization (SEA) and local search engine optimization. 


The different tactics of digital marketing
Having an online presence is great, but generating conversions is even better! At Eminence, we understand these challenges and we're committed to implementing your digital strategy effectively via a range of digital levers.

he digital world offers countless opportunities to enhance your reputation, generate traffic, acquire new customers and promote loyalty. The key to success lies in accurately tailoring your content and advertising to your target audience, combined with a thorough understanding of their customer profile and buying behavior.  

As with any strategy, you'll want to clearly define the marketing and sales objectives you wish to achieve. These in turn will help you determine the resources you need to allocate to reach them. So, what's your goal? 

  • Increase awareness and visibility: Promote your company, its products, services and innovations. 
  • Build your brand image: conveying your company's values. 
  • Generate traffic and leads: Attract prospects to your website. 
  • Boost acquisition and conversions: reach new customers, generate sales, and obtain appointments. 
  • Drive loyalty: Encourage customers to return and increase their loyalty to your brand/company. 

What are the possibilities offered by an acquisition strategy? 

The Key Stages for an Effective Digital Strategy 


      • Analyze the social, economic, and competitive context in which your company operates. 
      • Audit your digital channels. 

We will then carry out a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis of your company and your target market in order to: 

  • Identify your strengths and areas for potential optimization. 
  • Position your company in the market, relative to your competitors.  

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your current technical setup and your marketing positioning on all digital levers.  

Our different digital experts then get together to brainstorm and propose a customized digital communication strategy as well as technical optimizations.  

Performing an audit is a crucial step when it comes to assessing the performance of your company and its digital ecosystem. Eminence has the necessary expertise to help you identify the strengths and the areas of improvement in your ecosystem. Thanks to our personalized approach, we can help you understand the existing environment and define clear objectives to help improve your company's performance. 


  • We help you define your objectives using the SMART method (Specific - Measurable - Achievable - Relevant - Time-bound).
  • In order to assess how well you're achieving your objectives, we can help you set up your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Time-bound: Within a set timeframe. 

We work with you to understand your challenges and goals, so we can develop a digital marketing strategy tailored to your needs.

The definition of your business and marketing objectives plays a fundamental role in defining your digital strategy and the means we will use to achieve it.

For this, we use the SMART method aimed at defining an objective:

  • Specific: Precise, concrete, factual objectives,
  • Measurable: Objectives that must be quantifiable, such as KPIs,
  • Achievable: With the resources made available to attain them,
  • Relevant: In the current context and with the allocated resources,
  • Time-bound: Within a set timeframe.

To do this, we use the SMART method, which aims to define a series of goals that are:

Specific: precise, concrete, and factual

Measurable: Objectives that can be quantifiable, such as KPIs

Attainable: With the resources available to achieve them

Relevant: In the current context and with the resources allocated

Time-bound: Within a given timeframe.

The digital strategy you adopt will vary according to your objectives and the marketing phase you're in.

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As a buisiness-oriented company, we use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure the effectiveness of your strategy. Together, we select the KPIs that are relevant to your objectives. Thanks to our in-depth expertise in data analysis, we know exactly what information to collect to measure your success and evaluate the performance of your strategy. 

Are you at a loss as to how to define clear, achievable objectives to better manage your business? No need to panic! Eminence is here to help you achieve the success you deserve.   


  • Identify targets (B2C or B2B)  
  • Develop personas  

The aim of this step is to precisely identify your primary (core) target and your secondary targets. These can be B2C, such as individuals, or B2B, such as companies. 

Of course, within each segment, there may be different types of targets, from one product or service to another. So you'll need to adapt and personalize your digital strategy to effectively reach the intended audience. 

If necessary, we'll work with you to prioritize the objectives to be achieved, based on an optimum ROI (return on investment).   

We outline their characteristics of these personas using factual elements, but we also give them substance by adding a psychological dimensions, such as:  

  • Socio-demographic criteria, location, income, socio-professional category, etc.  
  • Goals and motivations.  
  • Obstacles and frustrations.  
  • Personality and interests.  
  • Media consumption and use. 

This is what we call personas: we put ourselves in the shoes of "real people" to identify their needs and goals. 

I want to know more about creating buyer personas.


  • Define key 5W&2H’s method 
      • Consider the market and technological trends 
5W&1H method
5W&1H method

We keep a constant watch on trends and developments in the digital market, which enables us to create innovative and successful strategies and to choose the most relevant channels and contents. 


  • Assess the budget requirements  
  • Prioritize the channels according to cost and ROI (return on investment)  

The communications budget is a decisive factor for any company. Implementing a digital strategy can cost a lot of money. However, it's essential to bear in mind that this expense is designed to generate sales and therefore revenue for the company. 

Careful monitoring of key performance indicators enables us to ensure that investments are producing results, and to adapt the allocation of resources to achieve a better ROI.  

The three key components of a marketing budget are the following: content, time, and placement. 

  • Creation of content: the style, subject, format, and medium. 
  • Time allocation: estimate the necessary time needed for the content creation and development. 
  • Media buying space: the choice of which advertising channels to use and the duration of ads. 

Based on this list, we'll be happy to help you make any decisions you need to make to ensure the best possible return on investment (ROI). 


  • Define your content: formats, creative concepts, tone of voice  
  • Develop your media and/or editorial plan: channels, frequency 

A content strategy is intended to help you define all the creative work you'll be doing. It should be an extension of your overall communications strategy. 

In this respect, a digital content strategy must be consistent with the other channels you use, both media and non-media, to ensure the coherence of your communications policy. You must therefore ensure the harmonization of:  

  • The different formats: newsletters, email marketing, videos, carousels, static posts, blog articles, SEO content on your site, ads, voice content. 
  • The creative style: visual identity, tone, UX/UI, brand image. 

 Together, we can create a content and media plan that will enable you to synchronize all your communication, media posts and messages. We recommend that you create content for each objective, and each message.   


A media plan generally outlines what you're going to communicate on a daily or weekly basis over several months. It provides you with a complete overview of your presence on your digital channels, including social media, ads, paid media, your website and blog.


  • Track performance: monitor and report on dashboards  
  • Adjust and optimize your strategy on the basis of key performance indicators (KPIs) 

As an agency specializing in data, we attach great importance to the collection of data and measurement of the actions implemented within the framework of your strategy. Together, we can set relevant key performance indicators, this will enable us to monitor and make the necessary adjustments to your digital tools accordingly.  

Our methodology consists of identifying, selecting, and transforming raw data into valuable marketing intelligence. Thus enabling us to target, optimize, and perform more effectively. 


by analyzing the profiles of your customers, visitors and your different audiences.  


by delivering the right marketing message at the right time and at the right place, according to your target's expectations.  


by maximizing the impact of your marketing campaigns and achieving your business objectives more effectively. 

Eminence uses advanced tracking technology to collect information on the behavior of users of your website and your entire digital media ecosystem. This data is then processed by our analysts to build a solid base of insights, to better understand user behavior, and to identify all possible improvement or optimization paths. 

In-House Expertise: Our Strength

With consumer behavior constantly changing and the digital landscape evolving, businesses need a well-designed digital strategy that adapts to consumers' expectations, needs and search intents. 

Our Services:  

  • A strategic audit of your company 
  • Market benchmark 
  • Definition of your personas and targets audience 
  • Recommendations on channel activations 
  • Development of an operational and omnichannel strategy 
  • Creation of visual and written content (copywriting) 
  • Analysis and performance reporting 

Our Added Value: 

  • Passionate experts working in their respective fields 
  • A team dedicated to achieving your goals 
  • In-depth knowledge of the latest digital and technological trends 
  • A partnership based on trust and collaborative support 

How can we help you achieve your marketing objectives?