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Eminence your digital marketing strategy agency in Geneva

To be effective, your digital strategy must be carefully planned and thoroughly analyzed beforehand, to perfectly fit into your company’s global strategy. At Eminence, digital marketing strategy agency, our experts will help you develop your digital strategy to achieve your business goals, and optimize your digital ecosystem.

In addition to the technical part, we integrate your entire ecosystem into our thought process, to bring added value to you and your customers. This is why, at Eminence, we believe that to achieve your digital objectives, a thorough and holistic analysis of the different digital touchpoints that your company offers is fundamental. It allows us to understand who your audience is, what channels they are on, and which messages will appeal to them most. This knowledge is essential because it allows us to improve their user experience, optimize the customer journey and increase your conversion rate.

In the long term, building a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy is the first step to meeting your digital objectives, whether it’s awareness, visibility, acquisition, or customer retention. Moreover, this will allow you to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. The goal of our experts is to create a credible, strong, and memorable digital strategy for you to generate a large number of leads and customers.

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How does Eminence help you to develop your digital strategy?

Our goal is to help you become a reference in your industry. To do so, we will identify the most effective digital tools that meet your needs on the web, on mobile devices, and on social media. Then we will develop a communication strategy adapted to each platform. This will help bring your brand to life and make your messages appealing and engaging. Let’s not forget that storytelling plays a key role in digital media.

To ensure your brand’s visibility, we believe in the dual use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Ads); but also, in the power of social media and paid campaigns. For us, the combination of both organic and paid media is an essential way of inciting people to make a purchase.

Our strategies are developed and implemented in-house by our digital specialists, communication strategists, copywriters, and designers. We take care of everything: from tracking, analysis to real-time bid management, content writing, visual creation, campaign management to community management.

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Why choose Eminence to manage your digital marketing strategy?

To be effective, a strategy must be scalable and adaptable. Based on your objectives, we recommend the best channels and create messages based on your brand strategy to deliver an effective overall experience.

We establish realistic KPIs for your campaigns, which you can track in real-time on a dashboard we provide. This dashboard is fully customized according to the KPIs you require. You can track in full transparency the allocated costs and budgets on each channel that has been chosen during the development of the digital strategy.

Indeed, a connected customer generates large amounts of data. Data collection and analysis allow us to implement a strategy adapted to the behaviors and habits of your customers, and to the evolution of your target market. Our specialists process your customer data in order to understand their expectations and offer ultra-personalized content. We structure, track and use this data to help you better understand your customers, generate information, and use every marketing touchpoint with maximum efficiency.

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