Website redesign

McDonald’s Jobs

McDonald's Switzerland called upon Eminence to help them redesign their website. 

The redesign concerned the McDonald's Jobs site in Switzerland, and was aimed to address several key HR demands. 


  • + 110 %

    Number of clicks

  • - 38 %

    Bounce rate

  • + 35 %

    Number of applications

  • x 3

    Time spent on site

The services provided

  • 01

    Website redesign

  • 02

    TalentLink automated link

  • 03

    Improved CX and UX

  • 04

    SEO strategy

Website redesign

With the addition of new functionalities, we designed the new website, optimizing the old one from a technical point of view, while strengthening its security and that of candidates.

TalentLink automated link

The creation of an automated link with TalentLink simplified the management of job offers and recruitment for the back office of the 178 restaurants and the HR teams.

Improved CX and UX

The goal was to provide a pleasant user experience for visitors, encouraging them to apply for vacancies and apprenticeships.

SEO strategy

The creation of an SEO strategy focused on Human Resources, aimed at optimizing the SEO of the website and its job pages, while keeping up to date with the latest innovations in Google's algorithms.


  • Raise awareness of McDonald's corporate culture and values 
  • To improve the employer brand image   
  • To highlight the various career opportunities and vacancies at McDonald's Switzerland 
  • To present existing professions and types of employment 
  • To attract new talent to support the needs of McDonald’s Switzerland’s restaurants. 


McDonald's is the world's largest fast-food company, present in Switzerland with almost 180 restaurants, and a leading Swiss job provider with over 8,000 employees.   

The restaurant business is a sector where the demand for labour is very high. Employee loyalty is also a major challenge, and one that McDonald's Switzerland has to face up to every day. McDonald's Jobs has to fill 400 vacancies every year.


N°1. Project specifications  


Our objective was to establish a solid foundation for the redesign of the McDonald's Jobs Switzerland website, and in order to ensure the success of the project, the following steps were taken: 

  • Identification of needs: by collaborating with stakeholders, gathering user feedback and analyzing the old site.   
  • Definition of functionalities: through a list, the creation of flow diagrams and mock-ups to bring our vision to life.   
  • Technical specifications: the technologies, databases, programming languages and security standards to be used in the project.   
  • Project planning: a timetable outlining milestones, task distribution and resource allocation.  
  • Validation of specifications: working closely with stakeholders to validate and adjust specifications according to project needs.   
  • Specification documentation: both functional and technical.  
  • Approval of specifications: between our customer and project managers, in line with the with the objectives set beforehand. 

N°2. UX / UI Design  

We made navigation more user-friendly by focusing on the integration of search modules, graphic elements and the implementation of an effective customer journey. As a result, we were able to offer the following services:  

  • A globally revamped design to modernize the tool  
  • An optimized search filter design for ease of use  
  • Animations generated on mouse-over: CTAs, links, texts, images, etc.    
  • The addition of pictograms and illustrations 
  • The integration of employee testimonials via YouTube links 
  • The development of a clear and complete footer 

mcdo jobs

At the same time, we've added a number of new features to make job hunting easier, including:    

  • An interactive map to display open positions 
  • An advanced search engine with filters by position, city or geographical radius (distance in km) 
  • A display of geolocated job offers in order of proximity to the user's position 
  • More detailed job offers available in 3 languages 

N°3. Website design

One of the major objectives in redesigning the McDonald's Jobs Switzerland website was to optimize performance and significantly reduce loading times.    

The website was redesigned according to the "Mobile First" principle: giving priority to the mobile experience for on-the-go use, which also promotes user satisfaction and the site's organic positioning on search engines. 


To achieve this, the design must offer :   

Fast loading: essential on sometimes slower mobile networks.    

  • Space optimization: to display essential information, such as job offers, on a limited screen and reduce scrolling.   
  • A multimode experience: so you can carry out all the important actions, from searching for vacancies to submitting applications, directly from your mobile.   
  • Scalability to larger screens: to extend the display while maintaining the same user-friendliness, aesthetics and functionality, and ensuring a seamless experience across all devices. 

As mentioned above, several new features were added as well, including an interactive map, a job search engine based on criteria of position, location and distance, the suggestion of similar job offers, a function for geolocating offers in relation to one's location, and a detailed job description in 3 languages.

Last but not least, we integrated OneTrust to guarantee data compliance and confidentiality, generating a secure and privacy-friendly online experience.

N°4. Migration and SEO optimization  

This stage began with a technical setup:  

  • Redirect plan: retain as many URLs as possible, create 3xx redirects, correct 4xx errors and check internal links 
  • Creation of sitemap.xml file  
  • Creation of robot.txt file  
  • Notifying Google of website changes and request de-indexing of old pages. Reintegration of Google Analytics code on the new site 
  • Internal meshing, such as proposing similar positions on each job posting 


We also worked on the semantic strategy, based on :   

  • A keyword strategy in 3 languages (German, French and Italian),     
  • The verification of semantic tags,   
  • The implementation of titles, meta descriptions and alt images in 3 languages,    
  • The creation of a different page for each job offer.   


Our work also involved the creation of a Voice Search strategy, as we had also developed as part of the SEO migration of McDonald's Switzerland's global site. 

Voice Search is booming, thanks to the rise of smartphones, personal digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa, Smart TVs and more.   

It requires high-quality content, which we carefully optimized using several methods, to ensure that each page fully complied with SEO criteria, such as: content, image, design, etc. 


Finally, the implementation and indexing of structured data, with a focus on job posting, has helped to increase the site's visibility and position itself on the job posting blocks on Google.  

In terms of traffic, we recorded an improvement on all pages of the McDonald's Jobs website, notably linked to:    

  • Increased brand visibility.    
  • Improved positioning on non-brand keywords, thanks to the semantic strategy.    
  • Optimized user experience following the addition of new functionalities facilitating job search and application.

N°5. TalentLink connection   

As SOAP was cumbersome and at the end of its lifecycle, we linked TalentLink using the lighter and more recent REST API, thus simplifying the management of job offers and ensuring data synchronization.   

Previously, the site displayed job offers directly from TalentLink, which had an impact on site speed. Thanks to our new approach, job offers are now imported from TalentLink into the Drupal database 


Since the API link has been set up with TalentLink, restaurants now have the power to manage their HR needs and communicate easily with candidates in 3 languages, through: 

  • Daily, thanks to fast, automatic updates of job vacancies.  
  • Simplified tasks, as restaurateurs can easily add, modify or delete job offers.  
  • Efficient use of the website, with direct management of applications and communication with candidates.  
  • Secure communication by assigning user roles: admin, editor, moderator, etc.

N°6. Monitoring and KPIs  

We created a tracking plan to collect data linked to all relevant events and measure KPIs, in order to identify website performance and possible areas for improvement. The steps include:  

  • The configuration of Google Analytics 4 (GA4)   
  • The setup of Google Tag Manager and set up the necessary tracking codes.    
  • The creation of LookerStudio dashboards   
  • SEO optimization (content + technical + netlinking monitoring)   
  • Website maintenance and optimization (technical + UX)  

We used 4 types of KPIs to evaluate the results obtained following the redesign of the McDonald's Jobs website, that are as follows:    

  • Visibility: number of page impressions, number of clicks, ranking, keyword position, etc.  
  • Engagement: time spent on site, page views, scroll rate, bounce rate  
  • Conversion: number of applications, traffic and clicks on offers  
  • User experience: site loading time, bounce rate, time spent.  


Based on the results of our monitoring, we can make sound recommendations for continuous improvement of the website, in line with changing practices and market trends.

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