Get started with Google Ads Smart Campaigns and reach more customers

Get started with Google Ads Smart Campaigns and reach more customers

Google Smart Campaigns are a simple and effective way to manage all the complex parameters of advertising on the Display Network. It is probably the most cost-effective way to grow your customer database and trigger new conversions.  

Find out in this article how Smart Campaigns can help you improve your performance while making you save time by leveraging the power of Google’s Machine Learning. 


What are Google Smart Campaigns? 

Previously known as AdWords Express campaigns, Smart Campaigns are fully automated in the sense that they eliminate all the targeting options you typically have in a standard campaign. They require minimal ongoing supervision since Google manages them for you.  

Smart Campaigns are a simple and effective way to manage the complex variables of Display advertising. It is probably the easiest way to expand your customer base and generate new conversions. With this type of campaign, you can run ads in almost any format on the Google Display Network and reach people at any stage of the buying experience, from those who are interested in your offers to those who are about to make a purchase.  

The advantages 

  • Using Smart Campaigns, allows you to create an effective campaign in just a few minutes. All you have to do is specify the basic elements of your ads (i.e. titles, images, and logos). Google will then take care of finding as many customers as possible based on the CPA bid and the budget you have. 
  • These types of campaigns are “smarter” as they automatically optimize after a few days: to offer you optimal results, they select the best possible combinations of elements by themselves. This way, you know which titles, descriptions, images, and logos are the most effective. 
  • With Smart Campaigns, you can reach the most interesting targets for your business. These campaigns also allow you to reach the users most likely to complete a transaction and generate more conversions depending on the bid you set. Smart Campaigns on the Display Network optimize your results by automating bidding and targeting, including retargeting. By matching user profiles to your product or service stream, dynamic prospecting helps improve the overall performance.  

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How do Smart Campaigns work?  

When you create a Smart Campaign, you need to write an ad that describes your business. You also have to choose the keyword topics that target your ad and set a budget for it. This way, your ad will automatically be shown to your potential customers on Google search engines, Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and Google partner websites.  

Your ad can appear when potential customers in your geographic area search for words or sentences associated with your business on Google or Google Maps. It can also be shown to users outside of your geographic area who include terms related to your business and location in their search. 
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What is the benefit of this type of campaign?   

Smart Campaigns combine three optimization techniques to address the challenges related to targeting, bidding, and ad creation on Display: 

  • Automatic Bids 

When using the target CPA as a base, Smart Campaigns optimize your bids based on the probability of conversion for each ad combination, allowing you to get the best possible value.  

By focusing on conversions, your Smart Campaign optimizes bids significantly when performance data suggests the highest probability of conversion. On the other hand, it lowers bids when performance data suggests a low probability of conversion. After a learning period, you should see your campaign begin optimization after about two weeks, or as soon as it has generated about 50 conversions, whichever comes first. 

  • Automatic targeting 

Targeting requires optimization efforts throughout the life of your campaign so that your ads specifically target the most profitable people.  

To help you reach the people who are most important to your business, Smart Campaigns use two targeting methods: automatic retargeting, which focuses on users who have already visited your site, and automatic targeting, which will reach users in the middle of the conversion funnel, thus much earlier in the buying process.  

Do not worry if you already have other campaigns that use retargeting, both can coexist. In general, a Smart Campaign on the Display Network won’t move customers away from those campaigns unless you choose to combine them. When several campaigns target the same audience, Google will always privilege the most relevant one. 

  • Automatic creation of ads:  

 Ads are automatically generated from the basic elements you provide such as titles, descriptions, logos, and, images. These ads are automatically integrated into almost all the advertising spaces of the Display Network.  

With this feature, the system can:  

  • Combine each of your elements into standard ads that automatically adjust in size and type, selecting the best combination for each impression.  
  • Broadcast your ads targeting viewers who visit one of the millions of websites on Display.  

When enough data have been gathered, a performance report is made available where you can identify what works best vs. what doesn’t and make adjustments to your campaign in terms of images and text. The goal is to save you time while leveraging the system’s ability to optimize your campaign. 

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How to set up a Smart Campaign?  

Setting up Smart Ads is done through the “Create a campaign” button in the campaign overview. You can then simply select the Smart Campaign type you want to launch. Google Ads will help you set choices from the start, by asking you what the objective of the campaign is: to generate calls, visibility or sales, etc.  

After choosing the objective of your campaign, you can select your keyword theme(s). A campaign can cover several themes, but it is also possible to create several campaigns, each of which will deal with one theme. Note that the more your campaign tree is segmented, the easier the results will be to understand and analyze.  

Google Ads suggests the creation of one or more ads. These ads contain a title and a description limited in the number of characters. Use as much as possible the space available and create a message that is dynamic and direct to encourage Internet users to click on the ad. Remember that a relevant ad can have a strong impact on your performance and boost your click rate.  

As soon as the first clicks are generated, Google Ads will display a dashboard with statistics that will help you to understand the success of your campaigns. Depending on the results, you will have the possibility to adjust the themes, remove certain keywords from the broadcast, and modify the ad texts or the targeted geographical areas.  


Google Ads Smart Display Campaigns use the power of the search engine’s AI to give you the best performance and reach the audience you target. If you want to get started with Google AdWords Smart Campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact our SEA experts by clicking on this link: