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Facebook will know everything about your purchasing habits

With a few new partnerships with point-on-sale systems, Facebook will be able to monitor your purchasing habits. It will use Wi-Fi, cell towers, radio waves, GPS or beacons and that even if you don’t buy anything in a store. All that will generate precise datas for advertisers and publishers know which of their ads provoked an online or in-store purchase. For users you might need to turn off all your location for Facebook because there are no opt-out options. There is also new stuff for Facebook Store Locator and Store Visits. Advertisers can now add in a carousel a map which tells the user where you can find a store in a nearby area. The Store Visits measure the number of visitors after a Facebook campaign. Read more HERE.


Be prepared for Apple new text-message features

With these new features you might want to change for an Iphone or Ipad instead of your Android system. Apple has just unveiled its new iOS 10 updates a few days ago at its Worldwide Developer Conference. You will have to wait until this fall to have the new and free update available on your smartphone but it sounds it worth the wait because the new text-message update will have four new features. Emojify will suggest you emojis while you are writing. For example if you type basketball it will show you the basketball emoji. The Bubble Effect which allow you to customise with smaller or bigger text. There is also Invisible Ink where your friends will have to swipe your message to reveal its text. And finally you will be able to sketch messages. You can read more about it HERE.

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Twitter new updates for its users AND developers

If sometimes you wished to be able to retweet your own tweet then it will soon be possible. You will be able to retweet tweets that are a few years old and not only that you will be able to re-quote yourself with the possibility to embed another in it. You can read about these two features HERE.

With billions of people going on twitter through their mobile it means mobile apps must be on point and functional. With that in mind Twitter will update their Twitter app FABRIC, which developers often use, they announced they will update the app with new metrics and features as push notification that will let developers know when there is a problem. If you are a developers we invite you to read more HERE.