New nFADP Regulation in Switzerland

In September 2020, the Swiss Parliament gave the green light for the adoption of the new Federal Data Protection Act (nFADP). This measure aims to align local practices with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) established by the European Union (EU). The primary goal of this law is to enhance the management of personal data while granting new rights to Swiss residents. Effective as of September 1, 2023, the nFADP shares significant similarities with the GDPR in terms of guiding principles and definitions. Furthermore, its cantonal-level adaptation will be uniformly applied throughout Switzerland.

performance based marketing

Improving the performance of a website or measuring the impact of a campaign requires the application of a number of sales techniques, including Performance Marketing. It is therefore one of the methods often used by advertisers to achieve the desired statistical results as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this article, we will tell you more about this web marketing technique.

How do you measure performance with KPI?

Determining the appropriate KPIs is critical to assessing and optimizing the effectiveness of your digital initiatives. These criteria are used at all levels of an organization. KPIs are organised and assess long-term objectives, while monitoring short-term daily objectives. So, how do you establish your key success indicators? Our specialists tell you everything in the following sections.

how does target cost-per-acquisition (cpa) bidding determine the optimal cost-per-click (cpc) bid?

Depending on your business and your targets, you, like many businesses, plan to use paid online campaigns, such as SEA, in order to achieve your business objectives. These can be qualitative, such as improving your reputation or e-reputation, or quantitative, such as reaching new customers, increasing traffic to your site, increasing a shopping cart or buying frequency, etc.

Integrating AI into your marketing and digital strategy

According to a study by Accenture in 2021, only 12% of companies use AI to boost their growth and results. 30% of their revenue would be attributable to artificial intelligence. At the same time, these companies stand out in terms of customer experience and sustainability while growing up to 50% faster than their peers. Eminence takes a look at what artificial intelligence is, what it can be used for, and how it can impact your marketing strategy. We will also present the best tools to use to increase your productivity.

Going Green with Your Digital Marketing: A Guide to Eco-Responsible Communication

An invisible, odorless, and hardly perceptible pollution, to which most of us contribute without being aware of it... Although it is considered more ecological because of its dematerialized aspect, digital technology is a source of pollution that is rapidly growing! The digital sector's average energy consumption is increasing by 4% per year, and more than 4 billion people around the world now use digital devices for personal and professional use. Eminence examines the most energy-consuming digital uses and their impact on the environment. We will then recommend eco-responsible solutions that you can put in place from now on, both at your personal level and at your company's.

Generation Alpha : what tools to reach children and teenagers of the future

Have you ever heard of generation Alpha? By 2025, gen Alpha will represent more than 2 billion children worldwide. It is announced as the largest generation in history, in terms of the number of individuals, but also in terms of the level of education according to UNESCO. By 2030, they will represent 34% of the world’s working population. These children will grow up surrounded by new digital technologies.