Best Googles tools for SEO

How Google Tools can improve your SEO ranking?

  •   9 March 2023

Google has developed a number of tools for use by Internet users, such as companies active on the web. What are these Google tools and how can you effectively use them to improve your natural SEO in your SEO strategy?

how does target cost-per-acquisition (cpa) bidding determine the optimal cost-per-click (cpc) bid?

What is the best PPC auction strategy?

  •   24 February 2023

Depending on your business and your targets, you, like many businesses, plan to use paid online campaigns, such as SEA, in order to achieve your business objectives. These can be qualitative, such as improving your reputation or e-reputation, or quantitative, such as reaching new customers, increasing traffic to your site, increasing a shopping cart or […]

Integrating AI into your marketing and digital strategy

Integrating AI into your marketing and digital strategy: impacts and tools

  •   9 February 2023

According to a study by Accenture in 2021, only 12% of companies use AI to boost their growth and results. 30% of their revenue would be attributable to artificial intelligence. At the same time, these companies stand out in terms of customer experience and sustainability while growing up to 50% faster than their peers. Eminence […]

Going Green with Your Digital Marketing: A Guide to Eco-Responsible Communication

How to have an eco-responsible digital communication

  •   18 January 2023

An invisible, odorless, and hardly perceptible pollution, to which most of us contribute without being aware of it… Although it is considered more ecological because of its dematerialized aspect, digital technology is a source of pollution that is rapidly growing! The digital sector’s average energy consumption is increasing by 4% per year, and more than […]

multilingue SEO

Our advice for a successful multilingual SEO strategy

  •   2 December 2022

Did you know that? English is used by only ¼ of Internet users… The rest of the searches are therefore done in other languages! If you want to expand internationally, to address customers who speak other languages or who are in other countries, you will need to implement a multilingual SEO strategy to be visible […]