Audience profiling and segmentation


The process of gathering and analyzing detailed information from existing data sources to gain in-depth understanding of the socio-demographic characteristics, purchasing behaviors, customer journey, interests, and preferences of your customers. 

Why is Data Profiling Important?   

An optimized digital strategy takes into account the fact that each individual is unique, with their own behaviors, interests and aspirations. Each company needs to steer its own strategy, implementing actions dedicated to each category of customer, prospect or visitor. 

That's why it is imperative to define the typical profile of each segment in order to achieve highly effective customer targeting. This is known as profiling. 

When done thoughtfully as part of an audience strategy based on tracking, profiling offers numerous opportunities to reach your target audience through the concrete data it enables you to collect: 

  • Tracking trends and seasonality 
  • Comprehensive and detailed insights 
  • Simplified segmentation and personalization 
  • Data to make informed decisions 
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The Importance of Personas 

Defining your personas is a highly valuable step as it can have a very positive impact on your conversion rate and return on investment (ROI). By targeting the right people with the right content, we can optimize your budget. 

Moreover, when buyer personas are combined with the stage of the customer lifecycle (i.e., where someone is in your sales funnel), they also allow you to map and create highly targeted and personalized content, creating a less invasive push marketing approach. 

Create Your Buyer Persona

How to Implement your Customer Profiling strategy ? 

To establish a reliable audience profiling, it is essential to set up a tracking plan (LINK to sub-page) beforehand and configure your various channels to collect data on visitors. 

Ensure that you track data from all your channels (such as social media platforms, websites, etc.) in order to have a cross-channel overview, as the audience can vary from one communication medium to another.  

Then, it's worth analyzing the data sprofiling according to the stages of the sales funnel to understand whether there's a correlation between conversions and visitor profiles, in order to take the necessary corrective action. 

Track all insights in dashboards, which will also allow you to monitor the evolution of your visitors' and customers' profiles over time, based on the different marketing levers (campaigns, ad placements, SEO strategy, etc.) that you activate. 

From a holistic perspective, an effective and useful profiling strategy relies on the following seven elements: 

Data and Privacy Protection 

Ensure compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR. Obtain appropriate consent from customers to collect and use their data. 

Implement security measures to safeguard personal information, such as encryption protocols, firewalls, access controls, and other methods to protect data against unauthorized access or security breaches. 

Key stages in an emailing strategy based on marketing automation 

Step 1: Define data collection objectives 

  • Define Targeted Objectives 
  • Data Identification 

We determine the specific objectives to be achieved through your data profiling strategy, this helps to ensure that they are clear, measurable, and aligned with your overall business goals. This in turn contributes to:  

  • Improving communication personalization 
  • Optimizing the customer experience 
  • Increasing your conversion rate 

At the same time, we identify important data to be collected, such as: 

  • Socio-demographic data: age, gender, geographic location, household size, income, etc. 
  • Behavioral and transactional data: purchase history, online interactions, etc. 

Step 2: Data Collection and Storage 

  • Data collection from various sources  
  • Use of a data storage system 

We implement a clear process for collecting data from various sources such as your website, mobile applications, social media platforms, marketing campaigns, customer surveys, contact forms, etc. 

We ensure that the data collected is from reliable and high-quality sources to fuel your profiling strategy. 

IMPORTANT: Ensure that data is collected reliably, accurately, and in compliance with the applicable regulations. 

We rely on a data management system to securely store and organize customer information, which may involve the use of databases, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, or other data management solutions. 

Additionally, we verify: 

  • If the data is structured in a way that facilitates its analysis and future use. 
  • The compatibility of your profiling data integration with other systems and tools used in your company, such as customer relationship management (CRM) tools. 

Step 3: Data Analysis and Segmentation 

  • Audience data analysis  
  • Profile segmentation based on defined criteria 

Once the data is collected, we use data analysis tools to extract valuable insights from the collected data. 

  • Data analysis: We examine trends, patterns, correlations, and behaviors to gain an in-depth understanding of your customers. 
  • Audience segmentation: We use insights generated from data analysis to segment your audience into different homogeneous groups based on their demographic, behavioral, geographic, and other relevant criteria. 

Segmentation enables you to personalize your marketing actions, for example by adapting messages and offers to the specific needs of each segment. 

Data Analysis and Segmentation

Note that customer preferences and behaviors evolve over time, so it's essential to regularly update customer profiles. Keep collecting data and updating profiles to stay current and keep your personalized marketing actions relevant. 

Successful Behavioral Segmentation

Step 4: Personalized Communication 

  • Strategic use of insights 
  • Communication that is personalized 

Once your audience has been segmented, we can make operational and strategic decisions to guide your marketing actions in collaboration with your team. 

For example, we can personalize: 

  • Your communication, based on the characteristics and preferences of each segment. 
  • Your messages, content, offers, and strategies, so that they meet the specific needs of your customers. 

Personalization increases the relevance and impact of your marketing actions. 

You would be mistaken to overlook its benefits! 

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Regularly assess the effectiveness of your profiling strategy by measuring results and performance. By identifying areas that require adjustments or improvements, we can make the necessary modifications to optimize your strategy. 

Continuous evolution and adaptation ensure the long-term relevance and effectiveness of data profiling. 

Our Strength: Emailing and Marketing Automation Expertise  

Our digital marketing agency in Geneva transforms profiling into an effective tool that enhances your marketing processes while building strong relationships with your customers. 

Our Expertise 

  • Data tracking to gather information using selected tools  
  • Profile segmentation based on established criteria  
  • Creation of B2C and B2B buyer profiles  
  • Strategic recommendations based on data analysis 

Our Value-added 

  • Team with both strategic and operational skills  
  • Use of data to develop targeted acquisition campaigns.  
  • Expertise in web development, UX/UI design and customer journeys.  
  • Google and Adobe Analytics certifications