Do You Think E-Mailing Is Old-Fashioned ? Think Again.

The Key to a Successful E-Mailing Marketing Strategy for Businesses in the Sector of Real Estate

What is that one great thing about e-mailing? You can precisely determine which information should be sent to which person. The result of this? Well, you create qualified traffic on your website – which means more real prospects are visiting your online portal and thus your sales increase.

But how, why, and to whom to send which type of message? Eminence, your specialist in digital marketing, dedicates the whole month of July to give marketing tips to real estate brokers. When it comes to a successful e-mailing strategy, first make sure you understand the different types of messages you can send.

A tool to share information

First and foremost you can share information with your contacts. Inform your clients about events, seminars, fairs and so on. Make sure you stay in touch with your community.

 A way to provoke customer loyalty

You have already a long list of clients? Great – but don’t lose them. For that, newsletters are a great tool to keep your customers up to date about what is new, and what could be interesting for them. Think of it that way: If your client regularly gets e-mails form you, he will associate the name of our agency intuitively to the real estate business. Use the strategy of e-mailing in order to position your brand as a reference in the market. But please beware: Don’t flood your client’s inbox. If you send too many e-mails, the recipient transfers your messages directly to his spam folder.

 A successful tool for solicitation

Frequently, , the prospects leave only their e-mail address on your online contact forms – ignoring the filed to save their phone number? The mindset of loads of real estate brokers is to believe, if the prospect does not want to share his phone number, he is not really into the property. Please overthink this mentality. If your prospect prefers getting e-mails instead of phone calls, you should respect this decision. In the end it’s him who defines how he wants to interact with you.

So in case a prospect leaves his e-mail address on your portal, sending him a first message is hopefully the start of a long interaction. Because you never get a second change to make the first impression, make sure your e-mail is professional and deliberate.

 Which type of e-mailing suits you best?


A newsletter has to be directed to already existent customers or prospects with a very high potential of conversion. Make sure your newsletter is interesting for the person who gets it. If there is no gain for the reader, he will not open your e-mail next time.

 Catalogue offer

It can be very useful to send an e-mail that presents an especially great offer for a beautiful piece of real estate to prospects that are currently looking for property. Of course, don’t send pictures of a villa in the countryside to a student who wants to find a shared flat with a few friends. Adapt your offers according to the prospect you want to convert. If you are successful, this type of e-mail can be the start of a digital word of mouth campaign. But please remember: Never send offers to people who just moved in a new place.

 Follow up your customer

If you want to incite customer loyalty, make sure there is an emotional bond between your company and its clients. Show them your care and invite them for a follow up of their living situation one year after they moved in their new home. Send them your compliments for their birthday or wish them a happy new year. In the end of the day, it is your goal to turn your customers into a faithful community. If you succeed, they will recommend your agency to their contacts.

 How to go about it? Tricks for a successful e-mailing campaign?

Stay short and precise: Don’t annoy your client with too much information he did not want to receive.
Use bold characters to emphasize certain key messages. Today people are trained to scan texts superficially. Make sure you mark those passages which the reader should remember.
Integrate a link to your website: Direct people who liked your short, catchy e-mail with one click to your online platform.
Take special care how you choose your titles. Do not start with words like “free”, “exceptional” or “inexpensive”. Today people get overwhelmed with information and commercial tricks that promise free things or great offers. The biggest part of your clients is just not receptive to those (sometimes empty) promises anymore.
Use responsive design – that is: Make your e-mail mobile adaptable. Almost half of the people who use smartphones, read their e-mails on a daily basis on their online application. Your e-mail thus must be adaptable to every dimension of screen.
Let’s conclude: In order to have a successful e-mailing strategy, you need to think about sending different types of e-mails to different groups of people. Never forget: in the end of the day your goal is to have more qualified traffic on your webpage and thus increase your conversion ratio.
Your decision is made and you wish to start acting right now? Our experts of e-mailing strategy are pleased to analyze your e-mailing or consult you about your whole communication approach. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


G.L. Junior Acount Executive, Eminence