Digital marketing strategy 

Automotive Industry

The context

Our client, leader in the luxury car industry, called upon Eminence to help them develop a digital marketing strategy that would convey all the different services that they have to offer.

We started laying the foundations by working on a global digital strategy that could be used across multiple platforms including: the website, SEO, SEA, and Social Media, while keeping in mind the following three main objectives:

  1. To create a strong and distinctive digital brand identity
  2. To increase their online visibility and brand awareness
  3. To increase lead generation and website traffic


  • 20 k

    Number of sessions

  • 38

    Number of leads

  • 140

    Number of calls received thanks to ads posting

  • 11.5 %

    Video campaign view rate

  • 48.26 %

    Website traffic generated by social networks

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Client presentation

Our client is one of the main players in the automotive industry in Geneva, recognized for its professionalism, the quality of its offer, and the level of service. The franchise owns a fleet of more than 100 cars in Geneva.

The challenges

01. Develop e-commerce sales
02. Increase traffic to the site
03. Increase awareness of the franchise
04. Control the cost per acquisition

Our strategy

Eminence’s approach was threefold:

  • First Eminence analyzed the company as a brand and conducted a competitive analysis to understand the industry,
  • Then Eminence defined the brand positioning in the market.
  • Next Eminence recommended that the client had a combination of digital touchpoints that included a paid media strategy and a clear content strategy. For this, Eminence put in place Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that were monitored daily, in order to adapt the paid campaigns and ensure that they reached their monthly KPIs.

We defined the company’s global digital strategy and started working on the most visible platform, which was the website.

The e-commerce site was conceived and designed to encourage the user to interact directly on the platform, using call to actions. Our goal was to improve the user experience thanks to a streamlined and intuitive website navigation.

In parallel to the development of the e-commerce website, our marketing specialists worked on the SEO (local and national), SEA (Google Search, Display, Remarketing, Video ads), and social media (community management and social ads), to be ready to launch the campaigns as of the website’s go live.

In parallel with the launch of the campaigns, we setup contests on the website and on social media, in order to boost the traffic and leads, and to generate awareness of the new online store.

This technique, known as Gaming, was used throughout the year in the form of one-off campaigns so as to reach the engagement objectives.