GA4 Migration


With the looming disappearance of Universal Analytics in July 2023, migrating to GA4 became a mandatory undertaking.


Deeper understanding of user behaviour through their interactions. 

Better mobile optimization thanks to user navigation insights. 

Stronger customization of data reports according to each specific need. 

Greater actionable data visualization that facilitates decision-making.


As a market leader, LEM specializes in providing innovative, high-quality solutions for measuring electrical parameters. Its core products include current and voltage sensors catering to industries such as industrial, traction, energy, and automotive. 

With production units in Geneva (Switzerland), Sofia (Bulgaria), Tokyo (Japan), Beijing (China) and a soon-to-be-established plant in Penang (Malaysia), along with regional sales offices, LEM ensures seamless global service coverage. 

Since 1986, LEM has been listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange under the symbol LEHN.


  • Ensuring a smooth transition for our client's website,  
  • Guaranteeing that this upgrade would not impact their account's performance 
  • Managing this migration, highlighting the benefits of GA4's powerful features and how they ultimately  
  • Contributing to better understanding user behavior and optimizing conversion funnels. 

Our team considered various alternatives and decided that sticking with Google's tools, given their popularity and cost-effectiveness, was the most advantageous choice for our client. 


  • 01

    Establishing GA4 Account

  • 02

    Reworking Tracking Plan

  • 03

    Leveraging Enhanced Event Tracking

  • 04

    Custom Configuration for Deeper Data

  • 05

    Seamless Integration with Looker Studio

Establishing GA4 Account

In February, we created the GA4 account without any configurations, primarily to obtain the minimum data history of user sessions. This prudent approach allowed us to maintain continuity while transitioning to the new platform.

Reworking Tracking Plan

To harness the full potential of the new GA4 platform, we thoroughly revised the tracking plan and explored its advanced capabilities. Using Google Tag Manager (GTM), we executed a seamless transition, ensuring the new setup met and exceeded the requirements of our client's business.

Leveraging Enhanced Event Tracking

GA4 enabled us to create events with more parameters than before, providing deeper insights into user interactions and behaviors. This granular level of event tracking allowed us to better understand user preferences, such as the keywords they searched for on the website, downloaded files, completed forms, and other essential actions.

Custom Configuration for Deeper Data

By configuring multiple custom dimensions and variables, we expanded our data capture capabilities. These customizations allowed us to access additional valuable information, aiding us in creating comprehensive and insightful reports for our client.

Seamless Integration with Looker Studio

In June, we began using GA4 exclusively and integrated it with Looker Studio, a powerful reporting tool. This integration enabled us to generate easy-to-understand reports for our client, presenting them with actionable insights and data-driven decision-making support.

In conclusion, Eminence successfully executed the migration from Universal Analytics to GA4, ensuring a seamless transition that did not impact our client's account performance.  

By reworking the tracking plan, leveraging advanced event tracking, and customizing data collection, we unlocked the full potential of GA4 for our client's website. The enhanced user behaviour analysis, reporting capabilities, and mobile optimization insights provided by GA4 have empowered our client to make data-driven decisions, optimize their website's performance, and thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

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