News of the week !

New of the week

Funny Hashtag:

You may have, or maybe not, noticed a few days ago the hashtag #GroundhogDay was trendy. You are wondering what’s behind? Well let’s talk a bit about that little cute animal that is a groundhog. It’s a mammal living mainly in North America and it hibernates. Of course here in Dubai we don’t know what’s a rough winter is but in February over there it’s a cultural moment and it becomes The Groundhog Day. Depending on how this little creature behaves on that day (2nd of February) winter can become way longer. It is also a movie with Bill Murray so in a world of Social Media that special day became worldwide trendy with its funny memes. Here is a few.

P.S : Be reassured, Punxsutawney Phil predicts early springlike weather!


Happy Birthday Facebook!

12 years ago in a Harvard dormitory-room Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg. Since then the platform never stopped its growth. For its celebration the Facebook team put up a sweet surprise. As you might have noticed for its millions of users a video was available and what’s better for such platform than celebrate friendship? Let’s not forget that Facebook it’s also 1.59 billion of users and a revenue of more than $US12 billion ($A16.7 billion) for the year.


Facebook IPO

Egypt five years on after the Arab Spring

We all witnessed the revolution through newspapers, TV and social media. But was it really a social media revolution? Not per se but the use of Twitter, Facebook helped the protesters to coordinate their actions and the world to see it on Youtube. In the end it was a popular uprising where no matter which classes you were coming from social media were a tool to share as it should be.


New feature on Instagram

Instagram’s developers seem to be working very hard. Already available on android for some lucky chosen one, this new feature is now available on iOS and for some lucky chosen one too. For all instagram users we are all (un)patiently waiting for the multiple account switch as available for Twitter. It seems it’s finally in the making. Are you one of the lucky one?