#Listen #Communicate #Engage: these are three fundamental words to keep in mind if you wish to use social networks. Indeed, if you want them to represent a real lever in your global strategy, it is essential to understand who your Internet users are, what interests them and how to establish a relationship with them.

Eminence, your social media strategy agency in Geneva, helps you take advantage of this opportunity that social platforms represent by assisting you in the development of a thoughtful strategy that will bring you notoriety and traffic generation among others.


Eminence builds for you a social media marketing strategy based on a relevant choice in terms of social networks adapted to your company, as well as an editorial planning and an adequate diffusion planning regarding the behaviour of your community.

Our social media marketing agency also helps you determine which relevant marketing objectives you should achieve, the appropriate KPIs to measure your impact on social networks, as well as your RONI (Risk Of Non Investment), and many other measures considered relevant for your project.

Our objective is to guide and support you in your desire for social visibility. To do this, our social network agency in Geneva provides you with the experts of its social department and their know-how in terms of platforms, as well as all their tools specific to social networks.


Nowadays, it is impossible for a company to ignore social media: it has become an essential and fundamental communication channel. Far from being a fashion trend, social networks are above all platforms for creating a brand history by multiplying the points of contact with the target audience. The presence of a brand on social networks is the result of an established strategy that corresponds to the brand's positioning.

The social strategists of our social media marketing agency help you define this strategy through an action plan so that your presence on social platforms helps you, for example, to:

  • Develop your notoriety: social networks allow you to reach a large audience while having a low cost of use compared to traditional media. In addition, it also allows you to establish a close relationship with your customers while developing your brand image. Indeed, thanks to UGC (User Generated Content) it is possible to give a voice to customers by asking for their opinions, advices and recommendations, thus allowing a two-way exchange between the company and the consumers.
  • Generate qualified traffic to your website: social networks allowing you to expand your audience through e-WOM, individuals who have heard about a product or your brand through a publication or a shared post (blog article, contests, etc.) of one of their contacts, will be willing to visit your website. In consequence, to ensure their conversion, it is crucial that your website is attractive and convincing. Eminence, your social media strategy agency, also offers you its services in website creation and web design to guarantee the success of your brand.
  • Boost your e-commerce: nowadays, consumers are constantly overwhelmed by a growing amount of advertising with a panel of similar product choices that are increasingly larger. Therefore, they tend to want to get information beforehand in order to form their own idea about a product or brand. Social networks therefore play an important role in this step because they allow users to read customer reviews, consult brand responses, learn about product tests, etc.

In other words, the impact of social networks will bring you success and notoriety, provided that your initial strategy is carefully defined. This is why our social media marketing agency assists you in planning your social media strategy, through the implementation of an editorial and marketing policy that will engage your community and allow you to achieve your marketing objectives more effectively.


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