The last trend in the digital world

Facebook chat window

New Facebook chat box

As much as the Messenger app got many updates it was not the case for the Facebook website chat box. As you know Messenger is a new entity separated from the old Facebook chat box we used to have. Finally it’s happening and it seems it is just the beginning. The website chat box will look like more as the app one. The little thing which is nice is you will be able to see which chat box is which while talking with different contact. It happened to everyone writing something to the wrong person. Now with different colours it will be way harder to make that mistake.


Is this the end of Vine?

It all started as a winning story. Vine quickly became an app everyone wanted to have. With many influencers using it and a few updates, June being the latest when they extended their videos length to 140sec. But slowly but surely the app is running out of breathe and its users are less and less using it. Why? With its main competitors as Youtube, Facebook Live or Periscope who keep continually updating their it could be a good reason but it seems most of Vine influencers have stopped using the app since the start of the year. We guess only the future will tell us.


Stickers on Twitter work as hashtags

It was announced last month. Twitter will add stickers as a new feature. What’s so different from Snapchat? Well the stickers work as hashtags. When you tap on one of those stickers you will find any other pictures with the same stickers. It’s time for you to try it and have some fun!

Instagram “videos you might like” channel

It all started as a pictures sharing app but videos are taking more and more its place among selfies. With an increase of 150% during this past 6 months of the time people watched videos it became harder for a platform as Instagram to ignore its potential. Now when browsing your “Explore” tab you will see at the top a video Instagram believes you might be interested to watch. But it doesn’t stop there. Over the coming months Instagram will add a “Featured” channel about specific topics or events as the Olympic 20016, Cannes Film Festival.