How cloud computing helps you manage your business?

How cloud computing helps you manage your business

For some people, the cloud is complicated, how can so much information be stored in one place. Long gone are the days where businesses run applications and download software onto a hardware or onto a server. The cloud is the same concept, apart you don’t have to think about where you left that floppy disk of important information…

Every time you post an update on Facebook or Twitter, you’re using cloud computing, using your phone to check your emails, that’s the cloud again. We rely every day on the cloud and it’s services. Cloud computing can help small businesses manage their processes whether it be apps downloaded to make things run more efficiently, or simply creating new online ways of working as a team within departments.

But why are so many businesses moving to the cloud?Cloud computing increases efficiency and helps improve cash flow. If this isn’t a reason to use the cloud, take a look at some of the best reasons why:

It saves you money

There is no costly hardware or in-house IT support, with the cloud, all you will need is an internet connection and you can start making the steps to save you time.

It boosts productivity

As we are in the digital era, everyone will have a device on which they are able to read their work on the move. The cloud is said to save on average 1.5 working hours per day due to mobile devices and the cloud.

It encourages collaboration

Collaboration and project management tools go hand in hand with the rise of cloud computing. It can also help speed up the implementation processwhen starting new initiatives with your co-workers.

Better Security

The cloud is one of the most secure data storage options, according to 57% of companies using the cloud. Is also decreases the likelihood of corrupt data from damaged hardware.

Faster Decision Making

Through having project online and easily accessible to you and your workforce, decisions can be made quickly, which leaves you more time to generate business elsewhere. 65% of business believe that the cloud has allowed them to make faster decisions.

In short, the cloud is fast becoming the new norm. By the end of 2017 it’s estimated that 87% of businesses will be using at least one cloud service. With the above advantages of using cloud technology, it’s a no brainer. Why wait any longer, Eminence digital agency can advise and guide you through using the cloud and manage this service for you to ensure you make the most of your company’s assets. Drop us an email to find out more information.